6 Reasons Why Unrequited Love Is Good For You


6 Reasons Why Unrequited Love Is Good For You

Unrequited love is usually deemed as something frustrating and extremely difficult to deal with. People are afraid of this phenomenon, considering it to be absolutely sorrowful.

It even deserved expert analysis and definition: unrequited love is unreciprocated love that causes a yearning for a complete love.

Now, I don’t want to say that this is not true. On the contrary, the feeling is very painful and devastating on many occasions.

But there are still some good things that make unrequited love very valuable. In this article, I will even show you why it is one of the best things that can happen to you.

6 reasons why unrequited love is good for you

Nothing is completely black or white in life. Each thing, person, or event has two contrasting sides and characters – just like the Roman god, Janus has two faces.

According to psychology experts, the two-fold character of unrequited love is especially difficult to understand for most people and this is why you need to learn about its positive aspects.

Let’s check them out here.

1. Unrequited love is also love

Although you might think that true love can only go two-way, the fact remains that unrequited love is love no less.

Experiencing this emotion, you get to learn what it feels like to actually care about someone and think about this person 24/7.

And you go through the same kind of emotions just like any other individual who loves someone, regardless of the outcome.

This is exactly the real essence and the meaning of love – sometimes it feels good and sometimes it feels bad. It’s an emotional roller-coaster both in happy and unhappy relationships. But in each case, you ought to enjoy the feeling and let it guide you through this stage of your life.

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2. You learn to love unconditionally

Although painful, unrequited love will make you learn how to love someone and wish this person’s happiness even if your feelings are not mutual.

You learn to love unconditionally. It is the highest level of love there is – to love someone not asking for anything in return. Such generosity sounds silly to most people but the ones who have experienced true love, this is not a secret.

With this state of mind, you also grow mentally and learn to accept even the toughest defeats as part of your personality.

It is very similar to Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold or silver.

The moral of this technique is that it considers breakage and repair not as something bad and shameful but rather as the natural part of the object’s lifespan. This is also how you should treat unrequited love.

3. It makes you more creative

When you love someone, you get a wave of energy and passion which wakens your creativity. That is why a lot of world famous masterpieces were created under the influence of unrequited love.

Nobody explained it as precisely as an ancient Greek writer Aeschylus, who said that “wisdom comes alone through suffering.”

You should exploit this sensation to take some new steps in your life. No matter what you do, you can use inspiration to improve yourself both privately and professionally.

For instance, unrequited love can stimulate you to pay more attention to your job, boosting your productivity. Cling on to this opportunity as it can help you to achieve your potential to the fullest.

4. You become more patient

Persons who get over unrequited love experience time differently and become more patient. They learn that nothing can be done if it is not meant to be.

They understand that you cannot force things to happen as you wish, so you better wait and learn to see things from a wider perspective.

Love is a matter of free will and you shouldn’t be trying to change someone or convince him or her that you are the perfect match.

According to psychotherapists, it takes a long time to accept that how you feel about unrequited love is legitimate and that the implication is that you don’t belong with this person. And this is where the patience comes from, eventually.

5. Unrequited love boosts confidence in the long run

Once the period of feeling sorry for yourself is over, you will begin realizing that your life is not over and that you can do much better.

You are going to learn to appreciate who you really are and stop trying to adapt to everything and everyone around you. Unrequited love will actually help you to boost self-confidence in the long run.

I know it is probably hard to imagine from your point of view but trust me on this one – I’ve been there and done that. Soon enough, you will realize that a lot of other people are interested in you and it will give you a confidence boost to move on with your life.

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6. Enjoy being a free bird eventually

After all those painful feelings and emotional ups and downs, you’ll come to the point in which you’ll feel ready for the new start.

You’ll begin paying attention to the people and events in your environment. It will be joyful and refreshing to open your eyes once again and go out to have some fun.

You’ll see your friends more often and probably have a new first date sometime soon. It will add excitement to your life and change everyday rhythm. Therefore, you should enjoy being a free bird once again – you totally deserved it.


Although it brings pain and frustration, unrequited love is not as bad as it may sound.

Going through this feeling, you can learn a lot about interpersonal relations, people around you, and most importantly – about yourself.

That is exactly why you shouldn’t be afraid of it. If you are facing unrequited love, try to embrace it as something valuable that will enrich your personality.

It will make you a better and happier version of yourself.

6 Reasons Why Unrequited Love Is Good For You

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