The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From

types of toxic friends you should stay away from

5. The One Who Is There For The Good Times.

the good times friend
The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From

This is one of those toxic friends who are always there for you when times are good but conveniently disappear if you are going through something hard and challenging. When things are exciting, good, and breezy in your life, you will always find them by your side.

But when you need them by your side when you go through tough times in your life, they are never there. You find it hard to share your feelings and pain with them because they never show even the least bit of interest in helping you get through it all. They might be fun to be around, but they have absolutely no empathy for anybody.

What gives them away?

Planning on going on a road trip? They are in. Planning an amazing New Year’s party? They are so in. Want to go out for drinks every weekend? They will practically teleport to your side. However, whenever you try to talk about what you are going through, they will dismiss your feelings by saying things like “you are overthinking, just chill out”, “you’re too sensitive” and worse, “you’re being very negative, and I am not in the mood for that”.

How can you deal with them?

Whenever you are around them, you feel alone and isolated. It’s better to have no friends than have friends like this, right? Openly communicate to them that sometimes you want them to be there for you and be a sounding board. If they react positively to this, then well and good, but if they still behave dismissively, then you are better off without them.

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6. The One Who Is An User.

the user
The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From

Users basically exploit you and your friendship as a means for getting their personal interests met. The friendship doesn’t matter as much to them, as do the things you can do for them. They only care about themselves and their own needs, and they will go to any lengths to get them fulfilled. They are narcissistic, self-centered, and selfish, who will never help you out when it’s time to return the favor. All they know is how to use and exploit people to get their own needs met.

What gives them away?

This one is probably the worst of the lot. Users turn up whenever they need something from you, and the moment their need is fulfilled, they disappear. They will borrow money from you but never return it back. They will want you to pay for everything, whenever you go out together. They will expect a VIP invite to all your exclusive events. They will expect you to help them out whenever they are in any sort of problem, but will never do the same for you.

How can you deal with them?

People like this are nothing short of dangerous, and because they are so self-centered, they will do anything to fulfill their needs, even if it means hurting you. They will ghost you whenever they want, and come back to exploit you whenever they need something from you. This ultimately ends up affecting your self-esteem and morale and leaves you feeling devastated.

So, make sure that you keep your eyes and ears open, and observe them very deeply. See if they are using you all the time, and if your hunch is right, then cut off all ties with them, before they do more damage to you and your mental health.

7. The One Who Is A Bad Influence.

bad influence
The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From

Your friends should bring out the best in you, and make you feel comfortable in whatever you do together, instead of forcing you to do things that make you look “cool”. Friends who are bad influences can make you fall into some serious trouble too. Good friends never push you to break the law, do something wrong, or harm yourself in any way, but friends who are bad influences do.

Sometimes their actions will be subtle, but you will notice that whenever you are with them, you are embroiled in some questionable situation or the other.

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