The 10 Types of Relationships Every Woman Has Before Turning 30


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types of relationships every woman has

Turning 30 seems like a milestone. Now you are set in your ways and looking back, it was a rollercoaster ride, right? Especially those bittersweet romantic adventures that you’ve encountered. Let’s look at the 10 significant relationships every woman is likely to encounter by the time they turn 30.

Does this sound relatable? A single girl working hard towards her dream job, networking, giving time to close ones, and just wondering how many types of relationships she has to experience before she feels like- “this is the one”!

All the different life choices, and especially the different relationships you had, reminiscing those experiences can either make you smack your head or may make you want to put your collar up. Whatever it is, it’s all worth it.

Amidst the mad rush to keep up with the multiple goals that you’ve set for yourself, you are likely to come across many types of men- amazing, unique, or just lame. With a few of them, you might bond well and create some memorable moments.

Have you already found a man who makes you feel like your search for that special person is over?

If yes, then it’s really amazing! Now if you look back in retrospect, you’ll probably be able to relate to these 10 types of relationships that most women have before turning 30. Many of them you can probably laugh about now. Although a few memories might sting a little, even today.

On the other hand, if you’re still searching for a special connection- just remember that the best type of relationship comes by when you least expect it. So, just enjoy every moment as it comes.

Here Are The 10 Types Of Relationships- Glorious, Bitter-Sweet Romantic Adventures! Every Woman Is Likely To Experience Before She Turns 30

1. The First Love

The 10 Types of Relationships Every Woman Has Before Turning 30
Types of Relationships

Let’s talk about the best one first. First romances are unforgettable. No matter how many relationships you have in your life, this one will always hold a special place in your heart. First loves are so innocent and all-consuming! The passion, emotions, and happiness- everything is in excess!

However, most likely this guy has matured into a completely different person from the one you fell in love with and probably wouldn’t fit into your current lifestyle.

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2. The Type Of Relationship That Was Never Meant To Work Out

You genuinely liked this guy, but deep down you felt something wasn’t quite right about his personality. 

Your gut told you this relationship wasn’t going to work out, but you decided to ignore it for a while. You also avoided the warnings of your parents and friends.

Eventually, you realized that you didn’t see a future with this person. So, how long did it take for you to come up with a concrete reason to break up and move on?

3. The Relationship That Couldn’t Survive The Long-Distance Phase

The relationship was going pretty well. But then, you both graduated college and moved to different parts of the country with new jobs, and big dreams.

Communicating with him across time zones was becoming very hectic. Moreover, you felt like you needed to experience the adventures life has in store for you before settling down with someone. As a result, both of you decided to go separate ways.

I’m sure you both still catch up from time to time. It makes you fondly remember the great connection you both shared. It probably makes you wonder if you took the right step. Maybe, you wish that you had tried a little harder. Then perhaps the relationship would have worked out fine.

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4. The Relationship That Was As Long As The Season (Or Vacation)

No talking about commitment. No future plans. Just a short, fun romance.

Yes, I’m talking about that summer love you enjoyed during your university days. Or the fling during a backpacking trip. You both knew this type of relationship wasn’t meant to last. It was just about enjoying the moment. It might have been very short. Nevertheless, it was super exciting!

5. The More-Than-Friends-Less-Than-Lover Type Of Relationship

You both were never officially in a relationship, but you two had your moments. In those good moments, you probably felt like you two could work it out and find happiness. However, there were ugly moments too, which left you feeling confused and completely disconnected from him.

On top of that, he probably had a commitment phobia. And this label-less relationship just fizzled out (for good) eventually.

6. The Relationship You Can’t Seem To Discard From Your Life

You know you both are incompatible. But there’s something about him which rekindles the spark every time you both catch up. You try to stop it every time, but he has some sort of power over you. The passion is strong, although fleeting. Things end soon. But this cycle repeats itself.

7. The Relationship You Still Can’t Believe You Entered!

High chances you have erased this episode from your mind. Memories of this guy usually come up when you’re chatting with your girl gang about old boyfriends.

When you think about it, you can’t seem to understand what you saw in him in the first place! But your friends can relate to you very well. Every girl has experienced this type of relationship at least once in her lifetime that later makes her go like “good lord, what was wrong with me?!”

8. The Relationship That Was Just About Lust

The physical intimacy was great, the chemistry was intense. But that was it. There wasn’t any emotional investment. When he wasn’t around, you didn’t even have him in your mind.

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9. The Relationship That Was About Proving A Point

You wanted to feel that you were cool enough for a particular guy. So, you did a number of meaningless things just to grab his attention. You probably listened to music that wasn’t really of your taste. Pretended to be interested in bands and sports that otherwise meant nothing to you.

Just to appear intriguing you probably faked interest in all his pseudo-philosophical gibberish. Thank god, you got out of that relationship!

10. The Relationship Where You Know That Your Search Is Over

Your minds and bodies are in sync. You both share the same values. He makes you feel loved, protected, and most importantly, happy. Until you met him, you didn’t know you could be fond of anybody’s quirks so much or spend hours that feel like moments.

If your man makes you feel this way, he ticks the right boxes. You’re right in feeling hopeful and positive about this relationship.

Do your past/present relationships match with these? If yes, then how many types of relationships mentioned above can you relate to? Drop in the comments below.

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