We all have different ideas about what our own personalities are like. Many people like to ascribe themselves whatever traits they are drawn to or prefer, even if they know deep down that’s not who they are. There are lots of factors that effect how we self-evaluate ourselves. Even if you think that you are honest and logical when assessing your personality, there are unconscious things that get in the way and make us biased, without us ever even realizing it.

This quiz offers a chance for you to find out what your true personality is. It removes any of the aforementioned unconscious biases and evaluates your responses in a more rational and detached form of analysis. It will tell you whether your answers show you to be a thinker, an educator, a creator, a spiritualist, a caregiver, a leader, or a performer. These descriptions are general and once you find out which one you are it will tell you all about how these personality types think, react, respond emotionally, and what they are passionate about. It’s a great way to reflect upon yourself and dig a little deeper into what makes you who you are!

Take the quiz and see if what you thought you were matches up with the results, and as always have fun and enjoy!

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Source – Sungazing