How Coming From A Toxic Family Makes You Hard To Love


5. You often make knee-jerk decisions, or react in the moment rather than thinking things through.

Because of your toxic family, you often react in-the-moment.

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If something upsets you, you express this—often negatively. If there’s any sign of trouble, you have the tendency to balk or run. This leaves you from actually getting through tough moments and makes people feel as if you’re flighty or inconsistent.

Here’s how you can open yourself to love a little more:

Coming from a toxic family can create barriers in the way you build connections and relationships with others.

Although you’ve been through a difficult or tumultuous past, you can’t let that negativity shape the new relationships in your life.

In order to open yourself up, you must understand that every person is different. Just because someone close to you hurt you in the past doesn’t mean the new person in your life will. Just because you’ve been heartbroken before doesn’t make falling in love again any less worth it.

Practice being vulnerable in small segments. Share one secret and let this naturally build into more and deeper things. Show up for people and listen when they share something with you. And above all, understand that healing takes time.

You are not your toxic family, and you will move on and find loving, nurturing relationships despite what happened to you.


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How Coming From A Toxic Family Makes You Hard To Love

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