Why You Suddenly Miss Me

Why You Suddenly Miss Me

It has been years that we have gone apart. I have tried every possible way to get rid of your memories but as they say, the relationship dies easy but moments die slow.

You said you missed me. But why? You were the one to leave me. I thought it made you happy. But seems like time has got the best of you.

Maybe, I know why you miss me.

You miss me because I was authentic to you

Ever remember me faking my concerns? I always told how exactly I felt in a moment. I was genuinely in love with you, every moment of our togetherness. I was straight and clear when I loved something about you. Remember, the times I told you how beautiful your smile was? I meant that. I meant it from the bottom of my heart, every time I complimented you, even if it was for the umpteenth number of times.

You miss me because I was there for you when nobody was

I always tried my best to be there with you through thick and thin. I never let go off your hand. All I ever wanted was for you to keep holding my hand for the rest of my life. I hope you are never reminded of that dreadful night I kept awake, sitting beside you the whole night, tending to your sickness. You will end up wishing it never ended between us.

You miss me because I understood you 

You didn’t even have to open your mouth and I knew what you needed. I would even read your eyes, your silence and the pauses between our conversations. I could understand it when your silence meant approval, when it meant disappointment and when it meant contemplation. I understood the look in your eyes, the sway of your hands. I listened not to you, but to the music you made.

You miss me because I forgave you 

There were times when we fought so bad that we almost killed each other. Remember the time you shouted at me? I couldn’t forget the words you said; “Why don’t you go to hell and let me be in peace?”

These words have haunted me ever since, but I forgave you, not only for this, for so many other trivial and significant ways you hurt me. I never complained to you about how disgracing you are to me when you got angry. I waited for you to realize because I believed that you loved me, no matter what.

You miss me because I always put you before myself 

You were always my priority. Even if something you did pain me to the extreme, I kept aside my ego and gave ourselves another chance. All these because you meant everything to me. You were the reason I gave up my bad habits. I transformed myself for you, for a better us. You came before anything else in this world and everything else was just fleeting pleasure.

You miss me because you realized you lost the one who truly loved you 

After so long you miss me, maybe because you sit back and retrospect all those moments where you might have been wrong, stubborn, frustrated, childlike and have misunderstood me too. You left out of your choice. You knew it then, you know it now, that I really loved you. It is never too late they say, but you are too late to realize that you lost the one and only person who loved you, with every single ounce of her being.

I thought you only hated me. Now it seems like you have all the reasons to miss me.

This Is Why You Suddenly Miss MeWhy You Suddenly Miss Me
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