This Is How You Really Love Someone Through Depression

So how do you love someone like this? How do you overcome the battles you might never understand?



6.  You’ll learn to appreciate the good days.

More than anything loving someone with depression will teach you an appreciation for things you’ve never thought about before. You’ll appreciate the good days as much as they do and that’s what will make it worth it. Just like those good days give them strength on their bad days, it too will give you strength. Because trust me when I say this, the good days outweigh the bad ones.


7.  It will be an emotional rollercoaster.

This will test you in a way, you’ve never been challenged before. But there won’t be a better ride in your life. Because people with depression might know such negativity. They might take you to dark places you’d never choose. But along with knowing all of that, people with depression have an ability to love so deeply. They have a compassion for others that will teach you to be better. They have eyes that see beyond what is on the surface and their ability to understand and relate to people will be the reason you fell in love with them.


8.  But it will be the ride of your life and totally worth it.

People who live with depression also know how to love deeper than anyone in the world. And if you’re lucky to be on the receiving end of that, their love will fill you in a way those bad days won’t even matter. Their love will make you a version of yourself you never thought you would be, in the best way. And it will be through love, you both can continue to beat this together.

Written By Kirsten Corley

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