This Is How You Date A Woman Who Likes Being On Her Own

This Is How You Date A Woman Who Likes Being On Her Own


“I don’t wanna steal your freedom. I don’t wanna change your mind. I don’t have to make you love me. I just wanna take your time

I don’t have to meet your mother. We don’t have to cross that line. I don’t wanna steal your covers. I just wanna take your time” – Sam Hunt


She’s not single out of bad luck.

The truth is most girls have at least one or two or even more people who would date her if she wanted to. But choosing to be single comes with self-respect of not wanting to settle. Because if settling in the past has taught her anything, it’s that sometimes being in a relationship will make you feel more alone than being single. And honestly, there is nothing worse than that.


She’s going to be skeptical at first.

Women who like being alone were once girls who foolishly thought they needed a relationship. With that came many trial and errors of men who couldn’t love her the right way. It was there she learned to love herself the way they couldn’t. In doing so, she established a self-respect where she won’t tolerate for a second anyone who doesn’t treat her well.

Give her time to adjust.

Patience. Someone who is used to being alone is going to need to adjust to sharing a life with someone. She might not invite you every place she goes to. She might not give you every Friday night. She might not have to talk to you all the time. She might even mess up a few times trying to figuring how to go from a life of such independence to sharing that with someone.


She’s choosing you for a reason.

If she’s including you in her life it’s because you’ve added a component to it that enhances her life in a way, that makes it better than it was before you met you. She won’t settle. She won’t date for sport. She chooses people who make her better and in having such standards she’ll probably enhance your life as well.


Value the things she does share with you.

The girl who likes being alone probably has so many things she’s kept to herself, she’s been waiting to share with someone. It could be a place, an activity, an event she’s gone stag to in the past, a song, a book or a movie she’s only ever watched alone. There’s a world of things she’s created for herself, she’s wanted to share with someone but she’s been waiting for the right someone.


Trust her.

She won’t date you if you aren’t confident in yourself which will lead to confidence within each other. Don’t question her. Don’t make assumptions.

If she’s out she will get hit on but just like she respects herself she respects you enough to shut that down so fast.


Give her freedom.

Women who like being alone have probably established a life and a routine. Don’t think she’s going to drop everything the moment she meets you. A relationship is a part of her life it will never be her whole life.

She doesn’t need you to talk to her every second of every day. She’ll get overwhelmed by too much attention.

Let her continue doing things on her own and let her be the one to ask to include you in things.


Understand her friends are her priority.

Long before you came along her friends proved they would be there long after any guy. She’s returned the favor with loyalty and people she’d do anything for. She’ll put them first every time until you trust you enough that you deserve the same thing.


Respect her girls nights.

Respect her guy friends. Most of the guys in her life have probably been through a lot of her bad relationships. She trusts them. She confides in them. And more than that there is a love between them that if you ever made her choose, it would never be your favor.

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