7 Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner

Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner

Having a healthy, happy relationship does not just depend on your partner, it also depends a lot on you, and how you navigate your way through it. Love can do wonders. Or to say it specifically, loving the right one can do wonders. Perhaps there is no definite explanation of what a “right person” looks like.

The truth is that you are going to struggle with everyone at some point, and honestly, that’s okay; not everything has to be picture-perfect all the time. You just have to settle down with the one who is worth all the battles, and look inwards and work towards making yourself the right person for them too. Nobody is perfect, but love is finding perfection in something absolutely imperfect and making it work out. That is the beauty of love.

Here Are 7 Things You Must Do To Be A Better Relationship Partner

1. Silence your mind.

No, nobody is asking you to be dumb in love. What you need to do is breathe and take love as it comes. Often you will find yourself stuffed with all your past experiences and already set expectations that you lose out on the essence of love’s authenticity.

It’s good to set standards and not settle down for less but just remember that it’s never going to be perfect with anyone because if it is then probably it isn’t real. Love is supposed to be messy and difficult at times; that is how you know it’s love. Let your heart feel whoever it wants to and just let your brain process into a conclusion. Never try to silence your feelings. They will always come out in uglier ways.

2. Don’t react instantly.

Anger is one of the most aggressive and damaging emotions of all. Yes, you and your partner will not always agree on the same thing, because you both are different individuals which is why it’s ok to have certain differences. In moments when you both don’t agree on one particular thing, don’t jump to conclusions, and take the ugly, angry route. You will end up regretting your outburst.

Think about it when you’re in a calm state of mind and try to look at things from their point of view. I know it’s always easier said than done but it’s also true that a calmer mind will always come up with better and more meaningful solutions, solutions that will actually help you in the long run. When you are angry, you are so dedicated to proving yourself right that you start looking for every evidence that supports your opinions. Hence, take your time and don’t rush into conclusions.

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3. Exchange favors.

Exchange favors with your partner often. This will bring you two emotionally closer and also increase your comfort level around them. Exchanging favors is more than just taking the help; it has a greater influence on your relationship. It makes your partner feel like they play an active role in your life and that you really need them. To know that someone needs you in their life is honestly one of the most overwhelming feelings ever.

When you love someone, you need to be very open and even vulnerable with them at times; let your partner know what you need and expect from them. The more open you are, the more emotional intimacy you will have in your relationship.

4. Sleep when stressed.

The current generation is known to have a very fast life. Every 1 out of 3 people is consistently stressed out these days, due to some reason or other. When you are stressed, chances are you might end up making rash decisions. This is because your mind is tired of thinking about a particular problem and you end up taking it out on your relationship. Don’t do that, simply because it’s not fair; your relationship does not deserve that, nor does your partner.

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