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4 Things to Know about Spiritual Birth

Nowadays the major element of the spiritual development pattern is that we are trying to understand the contents of our Minds, to analyze our thoughts and emotions. Our attention is thus engaged by the various methods that we are using to examine our thoughts and emotions. That is what we regard as our real internal world, and we create the illusion of toiling on our spiritual birth. What need we know about the Spiritual Birth? - Frank M. Wanderer

The Mystery of Attention: Intention vs. Openness

Once the mind has focused its attention on something, intention automatically appears in us

Understanding Ascension: The Geometry of Energy

Ascension: The Geometry of Energy is a meditation teaching of focus, clarity, connection, circulation, unity and expansion.

The Generating Guilt – A Dangerous Mind Game

Generating Guilt is an extremely dangerous mind game! It is to be recognized that the negative emotions and the guilt that comes with it.

Gas Lighting – Something, everyone should know about. Are you a Victim Too ?

For almost my entire life, I felt as though I couldn’t trust my own memory. If something happened that upset me, hurt me, or angered...

14 Brilliant Bill Murray Quotes You’ve Never Heard Before

In the long list of the greatest people in American history, some names loom larger than others: George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Ben Franklin. Abe...

25 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Rumi

Rumi’s words, his verses and his poetry has always inspired me. Its moved me at the soul level. Its made me understand so many...

This Is The Best Reply To A Text You’ll Ever Read

I noticed this post on Tickld and found it hilarious. Basically the text conversation shows you how a guy responded to scam artists

6 Most Annoying Facebook Status Updates That Need To Stop Right Now

All read statuses we don’t particularly enjoy, but few status-trends on Facebook that are universally awful. 6 Most Annoying Facebook Statuses