The Kind Of Toxic Person You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Kind Of Toxic Person You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The kind of toxic person you attract the most based on your zodiac sign.

I am sure almost all of us have, at some point in time, looked at our entire dating history and thought, “What the hell was I even thinking while I was with him?”

Well, this question, of course, shows regret. But what it also shows is the fact that sometimes we just attract a certain “type” of partners towards us.

Most of us do not measure our steps while we move forward in a relationship. We are so blinded by the passion that we lose our logical vision. Even when we manage to find out ways to deal with our wrong choices of a partner, it is almost always late.

So what can you do to prevent this mess?


We can use our knowledge of which type of toxic people we attract and prepare ourselves from beforehand.

The Kind Of Toxic Person You Attract Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have an enlightening read about the kind of toxic person you attract, based on your zodiac sign: 

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You attract: The Clingy

You are an energetic person and you attract the opposite; the inactive lazy breed. Your energy is infectious. Every time you enter a room, you turn heads. Once someone earns your trust and enters your intimate space, they have your life. Moreover, you are extremely dedicated to your friends. You might even lose your life to save your friends’.

The inactive ones want to feed off you. They don’t want to do any work whatsoever. All they want is to sit and use you. They will use your energy, time and your space and give you nothing back, absolutely nothing back. They even want you to be at their beck and call. Moreover, they might never fully commit to you (Probably they are just having fun in sucking your blood. Parasite much!)


Taurus (April 20th to May 21st)

You attract – Manipulators

You are a loyal breed which is why you attract people who are purely manipulators. They are so sharp that they will make you feel that they are the best people ever. When you will fall in their trap, they will begin to show their true colors.

Everyone around you will be aware of how bad this person is for you, except of course you. This is because you are simple-minded and gullible enough to give in to their manipulative techniques. It is your simplicity which makes it easy for them to mold you in their ways. Manipulators look for people who are flexible enough to be bent.

People will tell you that you should leave this person but mostly you will fall in the trap. It will be really difficult for you to realize otherwise.


Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st)

You attract – Cliques

A Gemini has a different kind of personality. You are more vocal and very sharp-witted. You are great at hiding your inner turmoil and come off as easy-going and happy-go-lucky. You also have multiple personalities and what you absolutely abhor is a regular routine. You attract the lazy ass who just wants to enjoy the fun that you have. Most Geminis are socially popular. People in cliques get attracted to you; while the clique leader keeps a keen eye on you and snatches every opportunity to reclaim your position.

They don’t contribute to it or make you feel good about yourselves. They just skim the fun from your life and want it for themselves.


Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

You attract – Snobs

Snobs are very arrogant people. No matter how glossy they appear on the outside, on the inside, they feel worthless and devalued. They need constant approval and assurance to feed their sense of inferiority.

You are very giving by nature. All you want is to give whether it is love or respect or attention. You attract the snobs because they are somehow jealous of your self-assured and confident nature. These snobs are irked by your self-reliability so they befriend you to know your insecurities, and weaknesses and break your self-esteem down.

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