The Kind of Drunk You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Kind of Drunk You Are, according to Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries:

“let the dams break”

Aries is a warlike sign. The individuals who are born in the sign are very, very competitive and territorial.

Their combativeness is so intense that they will often pick fights with their closest friends.

As a result, they are never afraid to chug especially if they are with a group because they won’t back out of a competition.

They are the ones in the group who would never refuse a drinking game either.

But once they are buzzed, stay assured secrets are going to be spilled. The competitiveness comes with the added burden of letting bounds go when their guards are down.

And what can break dams better than an extra tequila shot?


2. Taurus:

“Oh my god I am so happy”

Ever seen an inebriated bull? They won’t bore you. Like ever.

Taurus individuals are kind of similar.

They are happy and laughy when they are drunk. They will be clumsy and quite giddy if their crushes/partners/spouses are around.

A drunk Taurus will laugh and make you laugh with them. They will not let the party spirit die down ever.


3. Gemini:

The ones you would want to shut up after a while:

They are normally chatty when sober as it is. When inebriated, they are the ones who would cry and have heart-to-heart conversations with strangers.

This is because once their guard is down they express better, in front of any audience.

There is also the odd irritating Gemini too who will just keep yacking about the most random of things long after the bar’s closed.


4. Cancer:

“Would you prefer a gin and platonic or a scotch and a sofa?”

(In case you don’t know what that means, it’s a wonderful rhetoric device, popularly known as a pick-up line.)

They are the flirts. And they are good at it.

Also, they are the true party animals. They can be all over the place which might get a bit annoying, but be sure of the fact that they will earn their title again, by sheer confidence and smoothness.


5. Leo:

“Pump that bass up DJ!”

You got it right, the Lions love to dance.

Once they are drunk, watch them lose their inhibitions and get on the dance floor.

They might not be the most graceful but that won’t stop them.

They are also particularly fond of drunk truth-or-dare. And they handle their buzzes extremely well.


6. Virgo:

“*$%@ you too!”

Virgos, in general, are the mildest natured and perfectly calm human beings you will interact with.

As a result, they normally prefer drinking at house parties, not to mention within a limit. It is indeed rare to find a Virgo get wasted at a pub.

But on the rarest of occasions when they do get wasted, they are vile, foul-mouthed and quite vulgar: a total polar opposite of their sober selves.


7. Libra:

“25 shots? That’s it?”

They are absolute kegs when it comes to alcohol: their bodies are gaping voids when it comes to chugging down.

Until they absolutely pass out from the drinking, they will be the center of attention and it’s not strange to find them talking quite wisely too when they are drunk.

What is surprising is the astonishing amount they can hold.


8. Scorpio:

“could you be any stupider?”

As if they weren’t mean and sarcastic enough when sober.

Get a Scorpio drunk and you would regret it. Also, you might want to get someone you don’t like so much along, so they could take some pressure off of you when the Scorpio opens their mouth.

And the worse part, they will obsess over their behavior once they are sober, but will never ever apologize.


9. Sagittarius:

“Oh, there’s a new bar?”

They are carefree people who have a mercurial and Bohemian side to their nature even when sober. They are the ones who will discover new bars and restaurants and places to hang out.

Also, they are the ones who are least bothered about controlling their drunken behavior.

It can a daunting task to control their shenanigans when they’ve had a drop too many and at the same time, they are fun to have around when you want to have a good time.

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