The Extroverted Empath – A Conflicting Paradox Within

Do you know about an extroverted empath? Find out here.

The image of an Empath is very clear in the minds of most of us. We all know that empaths are the best and the kindest of people who cannot see anyone else in pain or trouble.

But let us begin by looking at the characteristics of Empaths (for those of us who aren’t fully aware of the nuances of the term)

• Empaths are filled with overwhelming empathy for people around them.

• They are the eternal givers

• They are very intuitive and they always know how to make someone feel better.

• They are hypersensitive to everything that happens around them.

• They are super good at discerning emotions and feelings of people around them.

• They love their alone time as it helps them regenerate their own selves.

• They are beautiful from the inside but often lead very lonely and sad lives.

Most of the people will tell you that empaths are introverts. They love being with themselves and spending time alone. This may not be fully true. We will tell you about the paradox of being an extrovert and an empath.


Yes, Shocked?

Extroverted empaths do exist. They often go through the following problems:

• They desire human connection because they are extroverts but because they are empaths, the more they interact the more they drain themselves.

• Due to their extrovert nature, they can understand the feelings of a lot of people simultaneously. But they are empaths as well and so they know the intricate details of many people at the same time.

• They are extroverts so they love to know about the experiences of other people but this isn’t on a superficial level. They want to know about other people on a deeper level because they are empaths as well.

• People think that they are extroverts so they don’t need much time alone. But because they are empaths they want to be alone sometimes.

So, how to help yourself if you are an extroverted empath because it is obvious that this tension can tire you and drain your energy, strength and courage?


Here are some ways to deal with this:

1. Involve yourself in breathing practices

Breathing practices familiarize us with our own selves. We become more aware of our senses, our feelings, our body and the energy that we have.

Moreover, they help you maintain some sort of emotional balance which is surely important in life. For an extroverted empath, breathing practices are crucial so that they can strike a balance in their lives and thus lead a more fulfilling life.


2. Don’t keep any emotion that doesn’t belong to you.

The more you engage with people, the more you absorb their energy. For the empath, it is easy because they engage with less people but for the extroverted empath, this is very tough because the engagement is with so many people and all of them are different in their own way and they come with different sorts of energies.

So, it is absolutely pertinent that the extroverted empath looks into themselves and tries this simple exercise: let go of any feeling or emotion that does not belong to you.

Keep in your heart only which is yours. This way we will not only release the emotion or feeling that is pulling us down but we will also release the bad energy that comes along with that feeling.


3. Ground yourself and make yourself the center of the world

As an extroverted empath, you come in contact with the energies of a lot of people and that is bound to bring you down and affect you.

This is why you need to ground yourself and re-center our energy on our ownselves. Grounding means that we become more aware of the connection that we have with the Universe.

Centering means that all the emotions and all the energy that we have sent to the universe must find its way back to us; so it is a process of making yourself the center.


4. Sometimes, relax.

In order to replenish themselves, the empaths need to take a break. As mentioned earlier, all the excess emotion might take a toll on you and therefore it is important for the empath to spend some time alone.

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