The Creepy Zodiacs: Your Most Alarming Habit According To Astrology


12 Creepy Zodiacs And Their Most Annoying And Alarming Trait

What’s your creepy zodiac habit that makes others uncomfortable? If you think you don’t have one, stay tuned till the end of this blog!

Based on zodiac traits, every person has something creepy about their habits or nature, which they might not even realize at times. And this includes you too.

Most of our personality traits are determined by our astral placements. Unconsciously, we exhibit certain questionable behaviors at some point in our lives.

So, what’s the creepiest thing about you based on your zodiac sign? Let’s ask the stars and find out!

Your Creepy Zodiac Quirk Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s the creepiest thing about you, according to astrology:

1. Aries

You always think about death

You Always Think About Death

Your creepy zodiac habit is that you’re always thinking about death. It can be your own death or the death of your loved ones.

It is creepy but if you are an Aries, you will definitely know how much obsessed you are about death and other dark topics like murder, killers, ghosts, or life after death.

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2. Taurus

You can sometimes behave like a stalker

You Can Sometimes Behave Like A Stalker

Your creepy zodiac habit is that you like to keep tabs on people. A Taurus will always have their eyes on their loved ones. It’s your natural trait. You can’t do anything about it. You might want to work on your insecurities though and learn to trust others.

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3. Gemini

You can lie and make up stories effortlessly

You Can Lie And Make Up Stories Effortlessly

The twins are born liars. You have two brains working together. Your creepy zodiac habit is that you always want things to work according to your advantage.

You cook up stories and tell everyone your version of reality. Being a Gemini, you have two faces that make you a great storyteller.

You can easily fabricate things and you don’t have much difficulty in garnishing your tales. You are so well-versed in this art that it’s hard for people not to trust you.

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4. Cancer

You can be obsessive about the person you love

You Can Be Obsessive About The Person You Love

You love your beloved deeply but you cross the limits of loving and obsessing over it. Your creepy zodiac habit is that you are obsessed with everyone and everything you care about.

This makes not only your life difficult, but others around you too get disturbed. You don’t give space to your lover and make them feel suffocated. In this way, you damage the relationship.

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5. Leo

You are arrogant and self obsessed

You Are Arrogant And Self-Obsessed

The lion is the king of the jungle but the things you do to establish yourself as ‘the best’ is quite frightening and extremely annoying. Your creepy zodiac habit is that you always want to show everyone that none can be better than you.

You want to be loved and admired by anyone and you can do anything for that. You are self-obsessed and you always try to establish your authority over everyone else.

A lot of people dislike you for this air of arrogance you carry and obviously, you don’t care about that.

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6. Virgo

You have secret sexual fetishes and desires

You Have Secret Sexual Fetishes And Desires

Your creepy zodiac habit is that behind your calm nature, you have certain secret fetishes. This is perfectly alright. But you always remain reserved and deep within yourself, you nurture these desires.

You stay away from expressing your sexuality but you do dream of exploring your sexual fantasies. You don’t reveal them because you are too shy to discuss these things with your partner.

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7. Libra

You covertly go shady things without showing it on surface

You Covertly Go For Shady Things Without Showing It On The Surface

You are always a curious cat. You have a knack for knowing the creepy things around you. You can’t resist buying that particular book or watching that video or clicking on the links you get over the internet.

Your creepy zodiac habit is that you live a dual life, one that indulges in all the dark, twisted, and kinky stuff, and the other that maintains a perfectly nice image for the world.

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8. Scorpio

You fantasize about murdering people

You Fantasize About Murdering People

Everyone knows you are revengeful. You are one of the darkest signs of the zodiac. You think too much and your thoughts are extremely dark.

Your creepy zodiac habit is that you enjoy dreaming about brutal murders. You have finished watching all the episodes of Law and Order.

A Scorpio keeps on imagining blood and gunfire and how to devise ways for murdering someone. Most of the time you think about killing off those who offend you.

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9. Sagittarius

emotionally numb almost all time

You Are Emotionally Numb Almost All The Time

Your creepy zodiac habit is that you have isolated yourself from emotions. You don’t feel happiness or sadness.

You have traveled a long way and things don’t matter to you anymore. You hardly react. No matter what happens, you are extremely cold. You don’t express joy or sorrow even if it’s about your intimate relationship.

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10. Capricorn

You think about killing people who have wronged you in any way

You Think About Killing People Who Have Wronged You In Any Way

This one is similar to the Scorpios. Behind your apparent modesty, there’s a darker side. Your creepy zodiac habit is that you love to fantasize about murdering your loved ones.

Yes, loved ones who have annoyed you and this makes you the creepiest zodiac sign!

You had a fight with your girlfriend; you imagine what would happen if you murder her. You are pissed off with your boss while working late at night, and you dream about ways to murder him.

This gives you great pleasure and it’s an excitement for you to think about these things.

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11. Aquarius

You fantasize about people dying and what you would say at their funeral

You Fantasize About People Dying And What You Would Say At Their Funeral

You are less dark of the lot but you do think of deaths. Your creepy zodiac habit is that you think of what will you say at the funeral of your loved ones.

Often, you write speeches you will be delivering at your best friend’s funeral. You often wonder what will you say when your mother dies. You indulge in fantasizing about these incidents.

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12. Pisces

You think about being a superhero and saving the world

You Think About Being A Superhero And Saving The World

The daydreamer fish goes on to save the whole world. You love being a hero like Wonder Woman.

You have grown up believing that heroes exist. You believe that any critical situation actually gives birth to a hero, that a hero’s superpowers are revealed in times of need.

You fantasize about being a hero yourself and feel that if there’s any crisis, you will discover you have superpowers and save the whole world.

How’s that creepy? You fantasize about alien invasion, burning towers, cyclones, biological warfare, and whatnot!

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Could you relate to the creepiest thing about you based on your zodiac? Which are the most creepy zodiac signs according to you? Share your comments down below about your creepiest habit!

The Creepiest Thing About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
The Creepiest Thing About You Based On Your Zodiac Sign
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  1. Beth Avatar

    I am Pisces and the “creepy” side of me is absolutely correct, though I don’t find it creepy at all. I’m not afraid of death, but I’d like to make my death COUNT. Perhaps saving a child from drowning, rescuing someone from a burning building, or even dying as a participant in a revolution. I just don’t want to die an unnecessary death, like being shot in the grocery store.

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