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11 Strategies To Help Combat Monday Work Dread

strategies to help combat monday work dread

8. Connect To A Higher Goal

Find an inner motivation that sparks an urge to get out of bed every morning.

Are you doing it so that you can earn money to travel? Maybe you’re making money so you can save enough to pay off a student loan (which will then enable more financial freedom).

When you can establish a higher goal and link the value of your job to that personal goal, going through the motions of a job you dread makes it less dreadful.

New Goals Require Different.
11 Strategies To Help Combat Monday Work Dread

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9. Identify And Focus On Positives

Even in bad jobs, there’s usually something to be thankful for. What about a co-worker you can relate to? Do you have valuable experience in this industry?

No, I’m not advocating for toxic positivity here. The truth is, positivity helps you feel better. The more you can train your brain to look at the upside, the better you’ll feel in body and mind.

10. Connect With Colleagues

Talk to colleagues at your company to see if those same stressors are present for them. Often simply knowing you aren’t alone is helpful.

If you notice a theme across your department, you can help influence change by speaking with your boss with the support of your colleagues.

Your manager probably has no idea you have a negative experience.

11. Check Your Mental Health

When You Notice Your Mental Health Declining Do This
11 Strategies To Help Combat Monday Work Dread

Mental health can be a big reason people dread work. If you notice actual physical manifestations of anxiety at work like stomach pain, shaking, or difficulty breathing, it’s time to check in with a mental health professional.

The main concern is whether you have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety and depression are highly treatable. There’s no reason to keep moving forward without help. Rely on mental health support.

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12. Consider A Job Search

If you still dread going to work after trying all of these tips, it might be time to consider a new job search and a new company.

Work dread isn’t just a personal issue. Your feelings could very well be impacting your family. It could be causing stress on your partner. Dreading going to work every Monday morning shouldn’t be a forever part of life.

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Written by: Brynn Johnson
Originally appeared on:Psychology Today
Republished with permission
strategies to help combat monday work dread pin
11 Strategies To Help Combat Monday Work Dread
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