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5 Critical Strategies To Help You Stop Impulsive Buying: The 3 Day Rule Challenge!

5 Critical Strategies To Help You Stop Impulsive Buying: The 3 Day Rule Challenge!

Stop Impulsive Buying

Do you compulsively spend cash? Are you an impulse buyer that feels admonished after a buy?

Are you perpetually buying on the sly? Do you run out of money on each and every month and have to live on a shoestring budget every now and then? If the answer to all this is a resounding yes, then you need a thorough rethink!

We all have fallen prey to this and believed that the trendy gizmo on the shop shelf or that cool pair of shoes on the shoe rack may be the answer to our buying impulses. The trick, however, is to beat the urges and realize that there are strategies to kill this buying pang.

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Here are the 5 most critical strategies, part of the 3-day rule to beat the urge of shopping incessantly:

1. Start Off With Creating A 3-Day List:

Follow a new rule that states that you need to buy only your necessities and nothing else in that 3 day period. Put up a list of must -haves on the refrigerator and then see what the things you are buying for real are. You will see that your buying spree is strongly curbed and you are only buying the necessities and household items.

2. Visit The Mall Rarely:

You only feel compelled to buy a lot and spend more only when you are in a public shopping area with enticements to buy goods that are otherwise off your list. You can prevent this by not visiting the mall in the first place. Go to a store only if there is a need to watch a movie or even a play in the auditorium. Find other ways to have fun.

3. Do Not Buy From Online Retail Stores:

With as plethora of shopping portals and e-commerce stores online, it made sense to actually shop online at the drop of a hat. Most of us love surfing online. The retail portals often entice us with offers and free delivery. Despite this, many complain of a habit forming buying impulse that makes us spend a lot of money. The best way to beat these is to stop shopping online.

4. Drop The Urge To Buy:

The best way to stop one from buying incessantly is to start doing other activities that help you in the long run. Deep breathing, walking, strolling and drinking water often helps in controlling the urge.

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5. Help Stop The Credit Card Payments:

Going cashless may be the dream of all shoppers around the world, but it makes good sense to stop buying with your card all the time. People that have many credit cards on the go, often fall prey to impulse shopping and random spending. It makes to keep the cards away from the wallet or even the purse.

Finally, the best way to stop shopping impulses is to set clear goals in mind. Ask yourself what you want in your life? Find out if you have financial goals that you’re trying to accomplish. Do these goals get affected when you buy randomly? Saving goals are a must to set. These help curb shopping impulses!

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5 Critical Strategies To Help You Stop Impulsive Buying: The 3 Day Rule Challenge!
Stop Impulsive Buying

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