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4 Ways To Get Your Man To Open Up And Start Communicating With You

You will learn new things about each other as both of you will have the chance to get out of your comfort zones.

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Lastly, traveling together can actually strengthen your relationship because it involves constant open communication as you work together to make decisions during your trips.


4. Show that you love and care about him

Sometimes, the reason why some men don’t open up about what they feel is because they are worried that their partner will leave them if they appear weak.

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Making him feel your love and affection will let him feel more secure in your relationship and he would more likely be comfortable communicating with you. This is because he knows that he can be vulnerable in front of you and that you will not judge him.

You can show your love and affection by being more appreciative of his efforts. You can surprise him with a “Thank You” note, praise him in front of your friends and family, or cook his favorite meal.

Asking for his advice and opinions will also make him feel that he is being valued and that you take what he thinks into consideration.

Written By Esther Bilbao
Originally Appeared On Your Tango

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4 Ways To Get Your Man To Open Up And Start Communicating With You
4 Ways To Get Your Man To Open Up And Start Communicating With You

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