What’s Your Sacred Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

What Sacred Spirit Animal

Tuesday: Wolf, the Brave

sacred spirit animal tuesday
What's Your Sacred Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

Wolf is the sacred animal of the God of War, Ares. It is no coincidence that this brave animal has been chosen by Ares (Mars) to be his sacred animal. Ares’ association with the wolf probably begins with the founders of Rome. In this story, a she-wolf (Lupa) nurtured and protected his banished twin sons (Remus & Romulus).

Wolf is considered to bestow bravery and self-reliance to the ones who are born on this day.

Moreover, the spirit animal of Wolf is summoned in times of need to bring order in chaos. Wolf can stand in chaos, as s/he is the one who can handle fears. Call upon the powers of the Wolf to give you spiritual guidance and protection.

Your Mystical Powers: Bravery, Spiritual Guidance, Protection, Ancestry, Love and Partnership, Self-reliance

Wednesday: Hare, the Vigilant

sacred spirit animal wednesday
What's Your Sacred Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

Hare (rabbit) is one of the sacred animals of Hermes (Mercury). Although the naive see nothing special in this humble creature, the mysticists have a different opinion. Hare, is sacred to many occult paths and of course to all Hermetic (Hermes) traditions.

As Hermes is the god of commerce and communication, traveling faster than anyone, Hare bestows quick reflexes and vigilance (spiritual and intellectual).

All who are under the dominion of Hare, are considered very magically potent and creative. The secret is in how quickly the hare population grows. This intense growth was considered amazingly important. Call the Animal Spirit of Hare to grant you prosperity, vigilance, and awareness of your mystical powers.

Your Mystical Powers: Creativity, Prosperity, Mystical Powers, Vigilance, Intensity, Growth

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Thursday: Eagle, the Visionary

sacred spirit animal thursday
What's Your Sacred Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

Eagle is the sacred animal of the king of the Gods, Zeus (Jupiter). It is very important, however, to understand why the Eagle was chosen for this honorable position. Probably, because the eagle can fly higher than any other animal. From their position, Eagles can see the whole picture and understand the opportunities and flaws of their current situation.

Eagles choose their fights, avoiding worthless causes. Although they are always victorious they attack only when is needed. Therefore, Eagle can be summoned to give you a greater perspective of your current life’s situation and become more aware of its opportunities.

Also, this exact ability can be used to Awake spiritually and realize your magical powers. Last but not least, summon the Eagle to ‘see’ what’s unseen by many and get what you deserve.

Your Mystical Powers: Opportunities, Assertiveness, Positive Direction, Stamina, Resilience, Vision, Spiritual Awakening

Friday: Dove, the Hopeful

sacred spirit animal friday
What's Your Sacred Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

Dove is the sacred animal of the Goddess of Beauty and Love, Aphrodite (Venus).

Therefore, amongst its powers is to bring love and peace whenever is needed. Doves are symbols of hope and peace not only in ancient Greece (and Rome) but also in the Bible and other religions. They were always regarded as pure creatures with the capability to bring energy renewal around them.

Moreover, Dove can be summoned to purify us from all psychic parasites and thus bring us into a new era in our lives. Dove can support us in our magical endeavors and bring self-awareness and more importantly self-love. This is its most important power because this is the key to unlock our magical potential.

Your Mystical Powers: Purity, Love, Peace, Visions, Spiritual and Physical Renewal, Hope, Self-Love

Saturn: Snake, the Healer

sacred spirit animal saturday
What's Your Sacred Spirit Animal Based on Your Day of Birth?

It’s probably the most underestimated and falsely accused animal. However, snakes are indeed, sacred to many religions, especially the Old Ones. Snake is the sacred animal of Kronus (Chronos – Saturn), the old God of Time. Hence, the symbol Ouroboros is a snake that bites its tail, in a metaphor of eternal time. Moreover, snakes are also guardians of the magical secrets of the Earth. Once dethroned, Kronus became the God of agricultural fertility celebrated in Winter Solstice.

Summon the Animal Spirit of Snake to bring wisdom, reveal the secrets of this world, and fight your fears. Also, the animal spirit of Snake bestows uncanny intuition and can aid in the healing process.

Your Mystical Powers: Wisdom, Magic, Earth Power, Fertility, Transformation, Fear, Healing, Intuition

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