10 Silly Habits That Seem Insignificant But Slowly Ruin Relationships

‘Small’ stupid habits that might apparently seem very insignificant and even hilarious in the beginning can culminate in disastrous consequences over a long period of time. The following list states ten such things that are ruining relationships every day.

Check out if you had been inadvertently doing any of these:

1. Not talking about problems.

If you repress yourself in a relationship to avoid fights and arguments you are running the risk of getting into worse problems in the future. As not being honest and not speaking about your issues in a relationship creates more problems for one another. When you have problems make sure that you tell it to your partner and reach a final conclusion so that you are fully aware of each others’ terms.


2. Pretending to agree.

Pretending to agree with your partner when you actually do not create a wrong conception of your partner about your character. And over a period of time, your partner shall continue forming expectations from you without your knowledge. It might create a lot of misunderstandings in the future. Thereby, it is always better, to be honest about your opinions and making it clear how far you are willing to go.


3. Making fun of them too much.

Fun and games can seem entertaining in the beginning but if such tendencies are kept unchecked the line between fun and offense is soon crossed. Sometimes a little harmless joke can trigger the memory of a traumatic episode of the past. Therefore, it is advisable to be very cautious with your words.


4. Excessive complaining.

People need to be more grounded and rational. We cannot have everything we wish for in life. People who cannot accept this harsh truth are the ones who complain about every small inconvenience they face. Such people are often hard to please and they won’t be satisfied with anything as they expect too much. They are destined to be lonely as no one can meet up to their standards.


5. Silent Treatment.

Neither does the age old silent treatment have any solution and nor is it pleasant. If you are angry at your partner it is better to tell your partner what you are angry about and sorting things out. When you go quiet it is painful for your partner and such episodes over a prolonged phase eventually create a rift. Communication is the secret to a healthy relationship.


6. Creating scenes in public.

The are many people who love to make a spectacle of their private lives by making drama in public. If you are having a disagreement with your partner keep it within yourselves. No one else needs to know about it. You are the ones who are supposed to solve it because it is a matter solely concerning you two.


7. Not taking care of yourself.

It is impossible to love someone else if you do not love yourself. Your relationship starts with you and you cannot put in your best into the relationship if you do not take care of yourself. Without being conscious of your own needs you cannot reach out to the needs of another person.


8. Keeping tabs.

Keeping tabs can be one of the worst things to destroy any relationship. We should realize that there is no point in remembering fights that have occurred in the past and blaming our partner for it in the present. This results in an unending blame-game and isn’t it very obvious that if we are too obsessed with the past then we won’t be able to enjoy the present moment?


9. Speaking ‘half-truths.’

A bitter truth is always better than a sweet lie because it hurts a lot to come to know later that your loved one had lied to you. Initially passing off a white lie can seem to be the more convenient option for you but such lies gradually gather up through the years and create a relationship based on innumerable such lies. Such bonds don’t last.


10. Being too self-centered.

I had said earlier that your relationship starts with you but it does not mean that it should end with you as well. Besides looking after yourself you should watch out for you partner as well and share their burdens as well. When a relationship becomes centered around one person it soon becomes more of an ego-battle than a relationship.

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