10 Signs You Are A Free Spirit And The Ultimate Nonconformist


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Ten Signs You Are A Free Spirit And An Ultimate Nonconformist

Are you someone who just can’t be boxed in by society’s norms, who floats through life like a leaf on the wind, always unpredictable yet undeniably alluring? If you answered a resounding ‘Yes!’, then congratulations, you are a free spirit! But what is the free spirit personality all about? And what are the signs you are a free spirit?

Your allure isn’t just in your unpredictability, but also in your deep connection with life’s rhythms. You navigate your world with a different compass, driven by winds most people don’t even feel. Your choices, values, and behaviours can sometimes baffle the conventional thinker, but there’s an underlying current of freedom, authenticity, and zest for life that guides you.

But what does it really mean to be a free spirit? Is it about leading a nomadic life, dancing under the stars, or perhaps, something deeper, rooted in the very fibres of your being? It’s easy to generalize or romanticize, but to truly understand the free spirit, one must look closely at the mosaic of traits that define them.

So, grab your favourite free-flowing scarf, and let’s dive into the 10 traits that define the quintessential free spirit personality. But before that, let’s talk a bit about who is a free spirit really. 

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Who Is A Free Spirit?

Free spirited people dance to the beat of their own drum, uninhibited by societal norms or expectations. They possess an innate sense of freedom, embracing change and valuing authenticity above all.

If you are a free spirit, you have a heart guided by intuition and a soul hungry for genuine experiences; you often wander, seeking life’s myriad adventures. While you might seem unpredictable, your choices stem from deep self-awareness and a fervent desire to live life on their own terms.

Your magnetic energy, coupled with an unquenchable zest for life, often inspires those around you to embrace their own unique paths.

Now that we know who is a free spirit, let’s explore the ten signs you are a free spirit and you have a free spirit personality. 

Signs you are a free spirit

10 Signs You Are A Free Spirit

1. You are a born wanderer.

You have an insatiable appetite for adventure. Whether you’re backpacking across Asia or simply taking a new route to work, you’re always on the lookout for fresh experiences.

Your passport? Stamped to oblivion. Your shoes? Well-worn from all the exploring. Your heart always calls for adventure, and you find it almost impossible to ignore it’s calling. 

2. You love to “colour outside the lines”.

One of the major signs you are a free spirit is this. 

Remember that colouring book from your childhood where you were supposed to stay within the lines? Well, because of your free spirit personality, you tore that page out and turned it into a beautiful origami crane.

Metaphorically speaking, you never let predefined boundaries dictate your actions or thoughts.

3. You are an incredibly authentic person. 

Mask? What mask? You rarely put on a façade. You’re genuine, raw, and open, even if it makes you vulnerable. Your mantra? Be yourself because everyone else is taken. You radiate a genuine, unfiltered essence, effortlessly captivating everyone around you with your uninhibited self-expression.

In a world where societal pressures can suffocate individuality, you rise above, becoming a beacon of inspiration, reminding everyone else that the path to genuine happiness lies in staying true to who we are.

4. You are intuitive decision-maker. 

Instead of drowning in pro-con lists or over-analysing every choice, free spirited people often rely on their gut feelings. And while this might seem reckless to some, more often than not, your intuition leads you to incredible places and experiences.

In a world that often demands rationality and logical decision-making, you dare to embrace the whispers of your inner self.

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5. You do not believe in being conventional and living a monotonous life. 

Conventional lifestyles, 9-to-5 jobs, or any routine that feels monotonous? Not your cup of tea at all. You crave freedom and prefer to dance to the beat of your own drum, even if that means facing uncertainty.

For you, the call of adventure resonates more deeply than the comfort of familiarity. You seek liberation from the shackles of conformity, finding solace in the vast expanse of the unknown. Your thirst for freedom propels you to take risks, to embrace change with open arms, and to explore the unexplored corners of existence.

Signs you are a free spirit

6. You are a very empathetic person. 

One of the major signs you are a free spirit is this. 

You might come off as carefree, but free spirits have a depth of emotion that is unrivalled. You feel things deeply and are often incredibly empathetic, connecting with people on profound levels.

If someone is having a bad day, or if someone is going through a hard time, you will be the first to lend a shoulder or an ear. You love taking care of people, and people love coming to you for some peace and love. 

7. You firmly believe in the motto of “change is the only constant”.

While many people resist change, you wholeheartedly embrace its transformative power. Because of your free spirit personality, you recognize change as an invitation to step into the unknown, to rewrite the story of their lives with courage and resilience.

With an unwavering spirit, you navigate the winds of change, savouring the exhilaration of new beginnings and the boundless opportunities that lie on the horizon.

As a free spirit, you possess the innate ability to ignite the spark of change within yourself and even others and guide them toward a path of endless possibilities.

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8. You can be a social butterfly, but only on your terms. 

Who is a free spirit, you ask?

Someone who thrives on the vibrant tapestry of human connections and the kaleidoscope of diverse cultures. You joyfully immerse yourself in new environments, eagerly seeking the company of kindred souls with whom you can share laughter, stories, and profound moments of connection.

Yet, amidst the whirlwind of social interactions, you also hold a deep appreciation for solitude, recognizing it as a sacred space where you can recharge, reflect, and nurture your inner flame.

It is during these moments of introspection that you gather the energy to re-emerge, bursting back onto the scene with an infectious energy that lights up any room you enter.

9. You are detached from materialism. 

While you might appreciate the beauty in things, as a free spirit personality, you aren’t often tied down by material possessions. Experiences, memories, connections – these are your true treasures.

You would any day choose a spontaneous road trip over the latest iPhone. You would any day prefer to cook at home with your partner, over going out and eating dinner in the most expensive restaurant in the city. 

10. You have infectious zeal for life. 

Lastly, and most importantly, you have an unquenchable passion for life. Your energy, your laughter, your zeal – it’s infectious! You remind everyone around you to savour every moment, to live authentically, and to chase after their wildest dreams.

You believe in living life, not just existing in it. Life for you is a grand adventure which should be experienced every moment of every day. 

Signs you are a free spirit


To walk alongside you is to embark on a never-ending journey of discovery. Your traits, though unique, offer lessons to everyone. You remind others of the beauty in authenticity, the thrill of unpredictability, and the richness of a life lived fully.

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Do you relate to any of these signs you are a free spirit? Do you count yourself amongst free spirited people? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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