4 Significant Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

4 Significant Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame

The twin flame relationship is not like any other but what are the signs when we have actually met them?

Our society has advanced in spiritual awakening, the twin flame term has become widely accepted and known. You probably know more about soul mates than twin flames, so what’s the difference? The difference between a soulmate and a twin flame is that many people in our life could be our soul mate including our parent, friend, child or lover, but there is only one twin flame.

The Twin Connection Is Only Romantic In Nature

There are many who say that the twin flame connection is just like the soulmate relationship. The twin flame relationship is the division of a single flame that was placed into two different souls.

These two souls have reincarnated over many life times learning and gathering human experiences and only coming together during one of their last life times on Earth. The twin flame connection is very different from soulmates.

Listed below are four twin flame signs you may recognize.

4 Twin Flame Signs

1. Twin Flame is the ultimate connection of two souls

One of the first easy signs to recognize that we have met our twin flame is the high level of understanding that is felt towards each other. We just simply make sense to each other, even though we may wonder about our choices, we just completely understand their soul.

2. Twin flames have known each other forever

It’s the feeling of looking into each others eyes and seeing ourselves reflected back at us. It is this quality that makes our connection timeless. It’s never going to make sense or follow any predetermined timeline, but it will shake us to our core. Because for the first time we meet someone and from that meeting it feels like we have come home.

3. The twin flame runner/chaser

To make things complicated, there is the twin flame runner and chaser phase within each union. While the reason behind the roles are unknown, it seems it’s part of the yin yang energy creation, there is always one partner who is constantly afraid of the connection, often the male energy, and the other is the validator, the female energy.

However roles can be reversed, the runner can become the chaser, however there is always one twin flame who is first to express their heart and lay it on the line. It is then up to the runner to see if they are ready to accept this kind of soul union.

Thankfully this running and chasing phase doesn’t last for the duration of the relationship, it’s most present in the beginning to account for any emotional or mental baggage.

4. Twin flame experience is to awaken each other

The entire purpose of the twin experience is to awaken and challenge each other to be the best possible version of ourselves, but not everyone is ready to be awakened.

Not everyone is ready to dive into the depths of their souls and see what lurks there. However through many human experiences twin flames eventually do learn and the union can become complete.

We meet our twin with instant understanding and having the feeling of knowing each other. We go through the mental and emotional baggage’s and often run or chase. We spiritually awaken each other and see the depth of each others souls. Twin flame unions are much more than a relationship.

If you feel a connection to the twin flame or met someone with similar experiences please share them.

Originally appeared on : Spiritual Unite


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