9 Signs Of A Fake Friend

Signs Fake Friend

Is your BFF your “Best Fake Friend”? Do you feel your BFF is jealous of you? Do you wonder if you can truly trust them? Friendships are special. Friends lift us up when we are down, make our lives worth celebrating, and take us on the craziest adventures.

But not all friends are who they pretend to be.

Fake friends are like venomous snakes who will never think twice before striking you hard to serve their own selfish purposes.

What is a fake friend?

A fake friend is someone who doesn’t really care about you but pretends to be your brother or sister from another mother. They fake their personalities, their emotions, their likes & dislikes, and even their authenticity. 

They’re friends with you because of their own egocentric reasons – to gain something from you – something that you have but they don’t. They will stick with you like a shadow in your good times but will instantly disappear when you truly need them.

Fake friends are even worse than frenemies. At least with a frenemy, you are aware of their toxic intentions. But a fake friend will slither their way into your life, manipulate you for their own selfish gains and leave you in your darkest hours.

This is why it is important that you know how to spot a fake friend to protect yourself, cut them off and invest in true friendships instead.

9 Signs Of A Fake Friend
9 Signs Of A Fake Friend

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most common warning signs of a fake best friend who can do more harm than good.

Now let’s take a look at the top 9 signs of a toxic, fake friend:

1. They are highly selfish

They become friends with you because they want something from you. They don’t care about you, your friendship or your well-being. All they care about is what they can gain from you. Although they may pretend to be nice at times, they will use it either for their own benefit or to make demands in future. They will emotionally blackmail you or tell you some sob story to manipulate you into supporting them. And when something won’t serve their purpose, they will simply be disinterested or even make excuses to avoid you.

Friendships thrive on give and take. Fake friends are like parasites who only know how to take from you and leave you high and dry when you are empty. It’s not worth sticking around with these kinds of people.

2. They thrive on gossip & drama

Welcome to ‘Fake Friend Avenue’ where the traffic is always high on gossip, scandals, drama and controversy. Fake friends simply can’t survive without gossip. It’s like their daily dose of morning coffee. Bitching about others is like their protein shake garnished with a healthy dose of scandals. But most of all they love creating drama. And when this drama is in short supply, they will deliberately cause it and revel in it, even if it may hurt you or others close to you. The fact is, this is a form of bullying that will leave you feeling emotionally drained. You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life.

3. They are exceptionally manipulative

Why would someone be a fake friend? Why would someone put in the effort to pretend to be something they are not? So that they can manipulate you and others to feel a fake sense of power in their already empty lives. Fake friends act all nice and sweet when they need you but will immediately ignore you once their objective is fulfilled. You are better off alone than being with such fake BFFs.

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4. They use you

They will always take advantage of you but will never be afraid of losing you. They will give you a lot of attention and spend a lot of time with you when you are of some use to them. But when they feel you are of no use, they will not only avoid you, but also be rude and harsh with you. They always have some angle, either to ask for a favor, or to loan some cash or to get a job at your workplace. They will never shy away from milking you to feed themselves. They are not interested in your friendship or you, just what you have to offer. So make sure to avoid these leeches like the plague.

5. They talk smack about you

Toxic friends with toxic tongues can only spew venom. And that venom can often be deadly. A fake friend will never hesitate to talk trash about you behind your back just to score some brownie points with other fake friends. Like a moth to a flame, fake people are attracted to drama and they want to be the star of the show. So when you are not around, they will make up stories about you, exaggerate things you told them and spill all your secrets. Why? Just to boost their feeble ego and self-esteem. They thrive in negativity and will caw out nonsense to everyone like an annoying crow that no one likes.

A true friend will always have your back even when you’re not present. Fake friends, however, play mind games with lies and fabricated stories. Cut them out of your life before it’s too late.

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