Time To Move On: 10 Signs He Is Not Interested In You

Signs Someone Is Just Not Into You

Do you like someone and desperately want to be with them? But are they as passionate about you? When someone likes you, you can feel it in your heart. But can you read the signs he is not interested in you?

Why identify signs he is not interested in you

Your love and desperation makes you blind to the warning signs someone is just not into you. It gives you false hope and makes you pursue him even when you can feel it in your gut that he is not into you. You ignore your instincts. You ignore your friends when they tell you to move on. You hold on to this feeling even though you feel ignored, rejected, hurt, heartbroken and awful. This is why it is crucial that you learn to identify the signs he is not interested in you so that you can protect yourself from this emotional abuse that you inflict on yourself.

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signs he is not interested in you

Although these signs can be hard to identify and the realization afterwards can be truly painful, it is always better to face the reality than live inside a fantasy world that simply just isn’t real. If he is unable to recognize, appreciate and value you for who you are, then he simply doesn’t deserve you. Period.

Master the art of moving on

While it is okay to have a crush on someone who is not that into you, holding onto that feeling for longer than it needs to be is unhealthy, especially when you can see the signs he is not interested in you. There is no doubt that letting go of the intense emotions you hold in your heart is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but moving on brings the power back to you. It liberates you from false hopes and makes you hopeful for a better future. A future where you will find the one who will truly love you and appreciate you as you are. A future where you will not have to chase someone. A future where you become someone’s top priority. 

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And all this starts by identifying the signs he is not interested in you. The interesting video below explains these subtle signs so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

10 Signs Someone Is Just Not Into You

If you can relate to these signs, then let them go and move away from this one-sided relationship.

Walk away with your dignity.  You will meet the one eventually.

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