She Is The Magical Fire That You Fear

She Is The Magical Fire That You Fear

You will ask yourself if she really exists. You will wonder if she is the one you are dreaming, you will question yourself, you will wonder whether it’s a delirium, that perhaps she doesn’t exist, perhaps your heart and imagination are tricking you into believing that she exists. Hold on. This is the truth. She exists. Women like her do exist.

She is not the perfect woman you were looking for. She is a beauty with flaws. She makes mistakes, she is messy at times but that’s the beauty about her that makes you fall in love with her.

She is the fire, the storm that you have been waiting for; she is the forlorn rain which will pierce deep inside your heart and bring alive all the emotions you have frozen in time.

To the world, she is an open book. People tend to know her in and out. But behind that layer, she has her privacy, the world she has created only for that special someone who can understand her.

She is the fire that dazzles in bright flames, rendering an aura that will scare most of the people but she is also the fire that heals, that gives warmth. You need to feel that vibe to feel the warmth of the fire. She is the fire of life, the fire that will keep you going.

And perhaps, you will understand that she is the fire you wanted to ignite your life with and all it needed was some realization.

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She Is The Magical Fire That You Fear
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