6 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

These 6 reasons will tell you why should have sex everyday.

Have you wanted to find a way to balance your health, increase your happiness, reduce everyday stress, and even banish cancer risks?

We’re going to be discussing why frequent sex is good for your overall health and how it can shape your future.  sex can make all of these extremely positive benefits occur, which is why it’s so important to understand why.

There have been many studies dedicated to the benefits of sex, which we’ll be including, but you should know that these benefits can be reached by being alone or with a partner, you don’t have to pair up with someone you don’t know well just because of these benefits.


Are you ready to change your sex life[1] for the benefit of you and your partner’s health? Let’s get started and learn how we can better our lifestyles.

1) Exercise

Believe it or not, sex is actually a very decent exercise.  It will get your heart pumping and your heart rate will go up. 

You’ll burn a healthy amount of calories and you’ll be diminishing your risk of any sort of cardiovascular diseases.

Many people believe that exerting so much during sex can actually be bad for the heart, but it’s actually not and that’s a myth!

When you have typical sex, you are burning the same amount of calories as you would be and exerting the same amount of energy as a brisk jog.

Not only is sex a great way to exercise and improve your health, but it also prevents low testosterone. Research shows[2]that frequent sex strongly correlates with healthy levels of this much-needed hormone.

If you want to add more healthy exercise into your routine[3], an exercise that has a ton of other health benefits as well, you should make time for yourself or for you and your partner, because it will be worth it!


2) Pain Relief

Did you know that even if you look at your partner from a photo or a picture on your phone, the body will experience pain relief in a small capacity. 

The point is, the act of sex can offer pain relief through the experience that lasts even after the experience as well.  You can find relief for menstrual cramps even from headaches and migraines.

If you simply make the time during your day to focus on one another and really dedicate to the moment you’re both sharing, you both will be able to reap the benefits of pain relief because of the act of sex with your partner.


3) Stress & Happiness

When you have sex with your partner it can effectively lower your blood pressure[4], while creating other chemical reactions that will boost your mood. 

So in a sense you’re letting your stress dissolve and letting your happiness shine through.  Because of this mood switch many people have also found that this can calm an individual down.

Stress, particularly when it’s caused by unresolved issues in a relationship, can contribute to premature ejaculation. Since sex helps you relax, it allows you to avoid this problem as well.

If you or your partner are stressed about work or bills, just make some time for each other and you’ll be able to clear your head in the process.

Stress and happiness don’t usually mix, but they can benefit each other in the bedroom because of the great process that overall will help your health.

4) Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk

It’s commonly shown in men that to keep their prostate healthy and staying away from prostate enlargement, they often will be having more sex than someone who doesn’t have a healthy prostate.

If you engage in sex regularly, it’s possible that you’ve noticed these benefits before as well, because in men if you have a healthy prostate, you’ll typically not be in as much muscle tension or pain, you’ll have a clear mind to focus, and your overall mood will be lighter.

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