Self Love

Reminder: You Don’t Need Anyone Else To Complete You

When you are willing to give yourself love, time, and space, your life can transform.

5 Things To Remember Before Making a Bad Choice When It Comes To Love

Here are a few things to remember before making a bad choice when it comes to love.

Julia Roberts Message on Beauty

She posted this on her Facebook and Instagram profile telling us how twisted and extreme our beauty parameters have become.

Follow Your Career Dreams, The Right Guy Will Come

A woman who lives to follow her dreams is the most attractive woman.

This Mom Shared An Honest Photo Of Her Body To Prove An Important Point

Laura Mazza shared a Side-by-side Comparison of her body before Kids and After Kids, and after, with a message we all need to hear. This is worth a read!

10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even When You Are A Catch

Your friends keep telling you that you’ll make a great girlfriend (and yes, you will 🙂 )

6 Life Changing Steps To Practice Mindful Self Compassion

One of the best ways to start practicing mindful self-compassion is to dissect your self-beliefs. Why not take a moment now to inspect your story?

He’s Not The Sun, You Are

"He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun. You are."

How to Hold Space for Yourself

The Importance of 'Being There' for Yourself, some simple steps to ensure there is room in your life for you.

The Day I Stopped Choosing You

Today is the day that I stop choosing you. In choosing you, I stopped choosing myself.

15 Things You No Longer Have To Apologize For

Here are 15 things you don’t ever have to and shouldn’t apologize for, if you want to live happy and free:

Self Love and Inner Child

Self love is the ongoing love and nurturing of the inner child, taking responsibility and charge of the emotional body

Self-Mastership – You are Your own True Love

Live the life of your dreams. Now. Today. You are the biggest love of your life!

Signs Of Victim Mentality: Steps To Empower Yourself Through Self-Awareness

Signs Of Victim Mentality: Steps To Empower Yourself Through Self-Awareness

To the One Who Needs to Fall Back in Love with the Self

This is to the one who needs to fall back in love with the self.

9 Reasons Why You Should No Longer Care About People’s Approval

Approval seeking behavior results in losing touch with yourself. This is why you should stop seeking other's approval.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: 5 Effective Strategies

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others- Use These 5 Effective Strategies

How To Put Yourself First Without Feeling Awful

Often we put others ahead of ourselves without even considering the cost or what we’re giving up.