8 Essential Tips For Self Care During Holidays

Essential Tips For Self Care During Holidays

The holiday season with it’s trademark cheer and beautiful lights, brings with it a flurry of overwhelming emotions and activities. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of shopping for gifts, attending family get-togethers and preparing for the holidays, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. Yes, self care during holidays is absolutely vital!

Self care during the holidays is not simply indulgence, it is essential and non-negotiable. Your physical, mental and emotional well-being is your most precious gift and if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

This article aims to bring you some holiday self care tips, so that you are able to not just enjoy the holidays, but also relax while doing so. So, ready to explore how you can practice self care during the holidays?

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8 Tips For Mastering Self Care During Holidays

1. Have your own holiday season rituals.

The holidays are all about following traditions, and even though those are fun, there’s no law out there that says you can’t have a few of your own. Rather having a few personal holiday rituals can go a long way in helping you deal with your anxiety and overwhelm.

Personal holiday rituals can be as simple as cooking a special holiday breakfast for yourself on the weekends, reading your favourite book or watching holidays movies by yourself in front of the fireplace, or simply just having a warm, relaxing bath with fragrant bath salts.

The rituals don’t have to be too fancy or elaborate, it’s all about feeling rejuvenated and finding your own happiness amidst all the hustle bustle.

Self care during holidays

2. Go out everyday and spend some time in nature.

This is one of the best things you can do when it comes to self care during holidays.

There is something about nature that has a calming effect on us humans. Even if it is cold outside, try to get out there and spend some quality time with nature. This may involve a brisk walk in the local park, a short hike into the woods or just sitting in your backyard observing birds.

The fresh winter air and calmness of nature can help you relax your mind. You can also try snowshoeing or making a snowman if you live in snowy places. The idea is to remain connected with nature at all times and let its serenity soak in.

3. Busy yourself with creative and out-of-the-box activities.

Involving yourself in unique and creative activities is one of the best forms of self care during the holidays. On top of that, the holiday season offers a vast number of opportunities for people to get creative with their activities, so why not grab the opportunity?

You can try knitting a scarf for yourself, or make personalized greeting cards for your loved ones. Try baking delicious holiday treats or decorate your home for Christmas just the way you want.

The results do not have to be perfect, it’s all about having fun and de-stressing. Enjoy the process because this can feel very rewarding and soothing.

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4. Practice mindful eating.

The holidays are all about gorging on delicious treats and meals, which can sometimes lead to overeating and binge eating. Even though that’s fine on a few days, if you overeat for the whole month of December, it can take a toll on your body.

Mindful eating can help you enjoy and stay healthy at the same time. Also, it’s not just about what you are eating, or how much you are eating, mindful eating is also about savouring every bite and being present in every moment.

Eat slowly and appreciate the flavours, smells and textures of the delicious food you are consuming. This doesn’t just upgrade your culinary experience, it also helps you in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet during the holiday season.

5. Disconnect digitally.

Trying to figure out how to engage in self care for the holidays? Try this out!

Do a much-needed digital detox and turn off your digital devices. The continuous notifications and social media updates can be stressful, and can leave you with FOMO.

Even if it is just for an evening or a weekend, try a digital detox. Do whatever you like during this time, for instance, read a book, play a board game or simply have some uninterrupted and deep conversations with close friends and family members.

Self care during holidays

6. Find a festive read and get lost in it.

This is another very underrated way of indulging in self care during holidays.

Choose a book that beautifully reflects the Christmas mood and get lost in it; there’s absolutely no one to bother you. It might be about an old Christmas story, a cozy mystery or a cheesy Christmas romance that makes you feel festive when reading it. Whatever it might be, read your heart out!

Reading can also serve as a great stress reliever after a hectic day especially because it offers escapism into another world. Pair this with a comfortable blanket and a mug of steaming hot chocolate for a perfect winter evening.

7. Spend time with people who genuinely love you and care about you.

No more attending parties and get-togethers with people you barely know or couldn’t say no to out of courtesy and obligation!

Although the holiday season is typically full of activities and events, instead of wasting your time with superficial people, invest time in deep connections which will be more satisfying.

Talk from your heart with your friends and family, and do things together that will make your bond stronger, such as cooking the Christmas dinner together or just exchanging stories sitting in front of the fireplace. Always choose quality over quantity, because that’s the secret to happiness in life.

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8. Come up with post-holiday plans.

One of the best things you can do to practice self care during holidays is come up with post-holiday plans.

Once Christmas is over, you might feel depressed and down, so why not have some exciting plans to get out of that funk? Maybe you can visit the spa for a self-pampering session, go out for dinner with your friends or spouse to your favourite restaurant or have a weekend getaway somewhere nice.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or fancy, it’s actually about making nice memories and looking forward to something exciting after the holiday season is over.

Self care during holidays

Always remember that sometimes the simplest moments in life are what brings the most joy while you go about enjoying the festive carols and sparkling lights of Christmas.

Practicing self care during the holidays will not only improve your own well-being but also increase your capacity to give joy and kindness to other people. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

What do you do for some holiday self care? What do you think is the best form of self care for the holidays? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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