6 Secrets For Building A Meaningful Relationship

Building Meaningful Relationship

Relationships are what gives our life meaning. However, if you want to have a meaningful relationship in your life, you need to nurture it every single day. You need to put in the effort every single day. Sustaining a relationship can sometimes be a hard task, as you are bound to have bad days. But you need to accept the good with the bad.

Before you dive into this article to learn how to make a relationship work and last, be sure that you’re with the right partner. It’s not uncommon that we choose partners who mirror our inner wounding and resemble one of our parents or both. If we get married before doing some inner work and knowing who we are, we likely end up with someone who is our teacher but not the equal partner we had dreamed about. 

Other people are mirrors of our beliefs about yourself.

When we’re unwilling to see our own reflection in the other person, the relationship becomes painful. To make a relationship work, above all, you need to work on yourself. You also need to be crystal clear on what kind of person you want to be with and set your standards. Once you’ve met someone you love (and who meets your standards and values), then it’s mostly an inside job. Just like anything else in life.

Not every relationship is meant to last. Regardless of how long you stay together, you can enjoy the experience and use it as one of the greatest tools to grow faster. Each relationship is meant to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves.

Not all the lessons are joyful and easy. But all are important.

6 Key Principles To Make A Relationship Work

1. Love yourself first

Meaningful Relationship: When you choose love, I hope you choose yourself too
Meaningful Relationship: When you choose love, I hope you choose yourself too

If you don’t love yourself, your partner can’t help you with that. On the contrary, they’ll reflect your lack of self-love and self-confidence.

To make a relationship work and last, you have to continue looking into yourself to see where you’re standing in the relationship to yourself. Are you neglecting yourself? Have you become dependent on your partner? 

Many people go into relationships for the wrong reasons. They feel lonely, and they want someone to appreciate them because they don’t appreciate themselves. But as long as you want your partner to make you feel good about yourself, you push them away, and you’re even further from loving yourself. 

The other person is never the source of your happiness and love.

You have to find it within yourself regardless if you’re in a relationship or not. This might be a harsh lesson, but it also gives you inner freedom. If you want to make a relationship work then focus on being the source of love for yourself first. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot expect that someone else could love you completely. It just doesn’t work this way. You only attract people who reflect you where you stand energetically.

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2. Don’t lose yourself in the partner

When we find a partner, we feel so happy that it’s very easy to forget about what we want and need. We might compromise who we’re to spend more time with them. Longer into the relationship, we get used to doing things together. It makes sense. Everyone has been there.

But this is so dangerous for any relationship. When we let go of our hobbies, goals, and friends so we can spend more time together, we make the relationship co-dependent. And this will never work and last.

It’s vital to keep working on your dreams and to have the “ME time.” The ME time is your space when you do what you love. While doing what you love you recharge your batteries, and then you feel happier and share this happiness with your mate.

Therefore, it’s crucial for both of you. This is especially true for women. I have a saying: “An unhappy woman means an unhappy relationship and family“. Thus it’s not helping anyone when you’re all the time available and forget about the things that make your heart sing. Remember that a great relationship starts with you.

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