Relationship Fear Test: What’s Your Nightmare About Love?

Optical Illusion Reveals Secret Fear Romantic Relationships

Mind illusions are a fun way to pass our time. They not only tell us about the personalities we have but also about our secret relationship fears and desires. Here is a new relationship fear test based on optical illusion to help you know what’s your secret nightmare about love.

Optical illusion tests are all about perception; what we perceive is determined by our personality and the way our brain functions. There’s no harm in learning more about how we think if there are means to do so!

Relationship Fear Test

This new relationship fear test is by Oleg Shuplyak, a Ukrainian artist known for creating unusual paintings by hiding illusions within them. If you’re dealing with relationship fears and want to find a way to answer all your secret questions then this old lady optical illusion test can help you out. The first thing you notice can reveal a lot about your nightmare about falling in love.

Are you ready?
Take a look at this image!

Relationship Fear Test: What's Your Nightmare About Love?
Relationship Fear Test: What’s Your Nightmare About Love?

Here are the four hidden images in this optical illusion. What did you see first?

Was it the old lady, the mounted soldiers, the horse, or the soldiers in the background?
Your answer will reveal a lot about your secret relationship fears.

1. The old lady

This Optical Illusion Reveals Your Secret Fear In Romantic Relationships
The Old Lady Optical Illusion

If you see the old lady first, this relationship fear test says your secret nightmare is all about losing sleep in love. The thought of being in a romantic relationship might seem exciting but scares you too. You’ve achieved the ideal combination of wistfulness and pragmatism.

Hence falling in love can seem daunting but if you let down your guard for the right person, it will be an exhilarating experience for both your mind, body, and soul.

2. The soldiers in the background

This Optical Illusion Reveals Your Secret Fear In Romantic Relationships

If the first thing you spot in the background is the soldiers then your fear in a romantic relationship is that you are scared of being played out. You may be willing to let your guards down quickly, but your partner may not.

You begin to take things personally and assume that they are as interested in you as you are in them. Keep calm, everyone moves at their own pace. Love and attachment take time. If you are concerned about how your relationship with them will work, have a healthy conversation about how you feel instead of jumping to conclusions.

3. The mounted soldiers

Your Secret Relationship Fear Based On What You See First
Secret relationship fear test

If you see the mounted soldiers first, then your secret relationship fear about falling in love is having to keep up your best appearance. Those soldiers symbolize vigilance and it’s time to let your guard down and ease up your inhibitions. You will have to come to terms with the fact that your partner is not going to leave you if you have flaws. These things are what make you beautiful!

4. The horse

Your Secret Relationship Fear Based On What You See First
Relationship fear test: what did you see first

If you spot the horse first, then your secret nightmare is not about falling in love but falling for the wrong person. We all understand how facing rejection can be tough but it is a common fear, and the only way to deal with it is to let it flow. Rip off all the ways of insecurity and fear, and make space for love in your life. Things will get better!

So did you find the relationship fear test interesting? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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