8 Repellent Turn Offs For Men To Avoid At All Costs

Repellent Turn Offs For Men

No matter what the reason is, you can be sure that guys will not be interested in you if you don’t give up some good conversation.

He’s just like you, he’s just a guy. He has interests, hobbies, a family to talk about.

There’s really no excuse for not at least keeping up your end of the conversation.

Just to be perfectly clear, even though your conversation may have sparkle and wit, you also need to avoid the sin of being boring.

There’s no sin greater for any man than to endure somebody who doesn’t seem like they have really done a lot of self-work.

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8 Repellent Turn Offs For Men To Avoid At All Costs
8 Repellent Turn Offs For Men To Avoid At All Costs

I’ve mentioned this one countless times in my videos, podcast, and articles. This is one of the most popular turn-offs for men.

Guys really hate conversation that’s centered around mundane human drama— the ins and outs of what that nasty chick is doing to make your life miserable. It’s just not something that a guy relates to.

Guys don’t simply just engage with drama like that. We don’t really have a lot of time to waste on petty back-and-forths.

It’s not that there’s something bad with women that get into this kind of drama but we’re not attracted to it.

Men are just going to start offering solutions so we can get on to a more meaningful conversation with you.


This is an area that my wife and I have even had to discuss in the past. It’s a mistake women make that men everywhere will nod their heads too when they hear about it.

It was also one of the top things that I’d have to work on when I coached guys on dating.

So, what is it?

I’ll say it like this. Guys really don’t want to be expected to do everything.

Let me explain what I mean.

Yes, we realize you’re doing a ton of things behind the scenes yourself.

You’re doing a lot too. And guys don’t mind being the ones that take the leadership role.

In fact, we feel much more at home like the ones to initiate a lot of things in the relationship when it comes to organizing and planning kind of logistics stuff.

However, guys do want to see that you will do this on occasion too, that you’ll take the risk to ask and act first even if it’s only in the most simple ways such as in the bedroom.

Every so often takes the lead with a man and starts the party. Maybe even suggest that new Cosmo position that will blow his mind.

Men don’t care about mind-blowing, we just want sincere connecting romps in the hay, just that easy. Or, when it comes to hanging out that night, suggest the show that you want to watch or the board game you want to play, or what it is you want to do.

Don’t always defer to saying to him, “whatever you want.”

Guys want you to take an active role in planning out the non-social stuff, even if we complain or whine later. Don’t be fooled.

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This one is a big turn off for men. It’s pretty common to hear this complaint from guys.

It’s not as prevalent when a woman is over 30 but it does still happen.

It’s when a woman seems to have no life of her own other than waiting on the right guy to come along.

Guys have a joke about this, we call it “the no-fly zone” meaning that when a woman gets to be around 27 to 34, they’re on that age range and she’s on the “Oh my God, I’m going to be 30” awareness.

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