5 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Your Soulmate


Signs You're In Relationship With Soulmate

Having a soulmate is magical, and a few signs can help you understand whether or not you are in a relationship with your soulmate.

“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.”— Edgar Cayce

Living alone in this world is not easy at all. We all need to be with our soulmates, we all deserve to be with our soulmates.

Relationship With Your Soulmate
Relationship With Your Soulmate

But we are divided in our opinions when it comes to finding our love when it comes to having the faith that one day, we will find our one true love, our soulmate. Being each other’s soulmates means the couple is a perfect match and are irreplaceable.

But we are surrounded by too many people and it’s really difficult to find out who is our perfect match. It’s okay to like someone but it’s not necessary for someone to be the soulmate.

Suppose you are dating this guy you met at work. You two share similar tastes in food and music and like hanging out with each other. 

But there might be certain things which might not click and these are deeper than just having similar tastes; these are psychological and spiritual. You need to be psychologically and spiritually connected to your soulmate. Hence, finding a soulmate is definitely not an easy job.

Our thoughts and ideas are heavily influenced by books we read, the music we hear, or movies we see. Romance is one such genre that influences people a lot. Researchers have been working on this issue for a long time.

According to one such research, people who watch romantic movies are more likely to believe that one day they will find their ideal partner, compared to the ones who do not watch romantic movies. These people who believe that their soulmates exist, always try to find love.

The ones who do not have faith in the existence of soulmates are more likely to ignore even if they are already connected to their soulmates. In another research, it was concluded that people define their partner as soulmate if they live a peaceful life together.

However hard it might seem, if one is careful about certain signs, then one will easily understand whether one is with their soulmate or not.

Here Are 5 Signs You’re In A Relationship With Your Soulmate

(1) Your relationship is not just about sex.

The two of you enjoy long walks together or love reading together or playing together. You two share a beautiful physical relationship but your relationship is not just about having sex with each other.

There might be a number of times you two are alone in a room for hours but you don’t have sex. You might even sleep together in each other’s arms or read a book under a cozy blanket sipping hot chocolate. That’s how you bond.

Sex is a part of your relationship, not just the whole of it. You two fell in love not because you wanted to have sex but because you wanted to be with each other. If this is the bond you share with your partner, then definitely the two of you are soulmates.

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(2) You learn from the relationship and become a better person.

An ideal relationship helps in your personal development. It teaches you values, it teaches you morals and it pushes you into making the society better.

It’s not just you but your partner too grows if you two are soulmates. You learn from each other and from your relationship, learn each other’s good values and imbibe them.

Not only that, you learn from your mistakes too. You become a better person and keep on evolving. Both of you change, and change for better.

Relationship With Your Soulmate
Relationship With Your Soulmate

(3) Distance is not a negative factor in your relationship.

Who doesn’t hate distance in a relationship? Yes, it’s really horrible. But it’s not always possible for two people to stay with each other.

Even if your partner lives in the city, you or your partner might need to travel for work. You two definitely miss each other but you hold on and focus on your own work till the time of reunion comes.

Reunions are magical. You learn a lot waiting and your bond grows stronger than ever.

(4) You don’t have to say things always to make your partner understand you.

You and your partner do not need words to communicate always. Both of you understand each other by gestures, by the way, you eat or drink, or similar such minute details.

Suppose your partner is upset over something and hasn’t told you about it. You understand that quickly by the way he talks or by the way he sips his coffee as he takes it slow, he doesn’t care about the caffeine content which is unusual for him.

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(5) You set relationship goals.

People look up to you as a couple. They admire the way you two do things together, like run a business or perform as artists or lead an NGO.

You two complement each other. In this relationship, You are not the damsel in distress in the relationship and he’s not always the macho man in the relationship.

You both support each other as lovers and as individuals. The two of you protect each other and when you two create something together, it’s magical, it’s powerful, it’s something people stare at and admire.

Seeing you as a couple, people start believing that true love exists. You have your story to tell, a story of struggle, and how you two have managed together.

Your togetherness inspires people to fall in love. You teach them to have the courage and move along. That’s the most beautiful part of being with your soulmate.

You might not see all these signs but yes, if you find a few, don’t look back. Devote more time to the relationship, nurture it, help it bloom, and be happy with your soulmate.

5 Signs You're In A Relationship With Your Soulmate
Signs You're In Relationship With Soulmate Pin

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