The Inner Child Who Needed Healing

The Inner Child Who Needed Healing

The Inner Child Healing Journey

At the beginning of the path when you are trying to bring to light 

The reason for the darkness, for there have been days where you didn’t have the fight 

It was easier to just hide away, hide from everything in sight

To withdraw and wait for a day to turn in to night.

When you first close your eyes and see the little you, are you feeling sad?

Will you even look at you or even take your hand

Or do you hang your head and walk away, too filled with shame and bad.  

Does your inner child stay mute, for they fear what would be heard

You scream instead, but in the darkness, you can’t hear a sound

For the screams are within your head and extremely loud

The scars are buried deep within and are way too far profound. 

 As you place your hand around your throat and feel full of woe

You wonder why it has been so hard to communicate and just say no

Say no to all the blame, guilt and disrespect 

Say no to all those things that you would like to eject

But without all those hardships you would not be who you are today

And without all those battle scars you may simply fade away

Fadeaway without a future 

To the other side

The other side that now keeps you here

You’re glad that you’re alive

Alive to see your child and children 

Grow up and watch them thrive

As the inner child healing continues

And you suffer in silence no more

As you realize the power you gain when you open your mouth and talk

When you express how you feel, know who you are doing it for. 

Knowing in doing so, you will heal all those generations to come

Help heal everyone around you, then the rest can be undone

Be the one to break the cycle

Be the one to open up the door

Be the one to shout I’m free… I will no longer fall.

Know that it’s not easy to do the shadow work

But it is far too valuable to disregard or for it to irk

For this is where the growth occurs and transformation begins

It is where your new life will start

To recognize it previously never was a sin.

When you look in the mirror now, do you see the little you?

Do you know what it is you need, do you have a clue?

Ask that inner child, what can you do to help?

Help them be the person who they are meant to be

Whilst looking in the mirror repeat what it is you need

I love you now and I will make you proud

I will take good care of you there will never be any doubt

I will comfort and protect you

I will keep all the bad people away

I am here to stay.

You are safe now, safe from harm and hurt

You are the light within me, from which I’ll never part. 

When the healing has taken place and love for self has been restored

When acceptance and forgiveness has been surrendered forevermore

When there is allowance for grief and for letting go

May you take the hand of your inner child and guide them safely home

Back into your heart 

Where it is that you belong.

The scars have faded and night turns into dawn 

The inner child resides inside, now with a cheeky grin

This is the reason the fire burns within you 

To see your inner child win

Now it is time to hear your voice and for you to be found

There is a new future for you, there is no doubt.

As you now stare back at you, the soul in the glass

Accepting every part of you and not behind a mask

The inner child looks back, with a great big smile 

You wouldn’t think you had been misused, you’ve been at peace now for a while.

That’s the power of healing, it sure is a task, but worth it to feel peace within you, at long last.

-By Maxine Carter


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