How Showing Compassion And Kindness Is Good For Your Mental Health

How Showing Compassion And Kindness Is Good For Your Mental Health

The power of kindness can cure any emotional wound. Do you know that it has been scientifically proven that showing compassion and kindness can help your mental health, in a positive way?

In our fast-paced lives, almost every one of us is busy dealing with hundreds of activities. Meeting deadlines, engaging in hectic schedules, competing with each other in the professional sphere, has become a part and parcel of our lives.

With so much going on in our lives, it is not surprising that we go through a lot of stress. Since we are too busy participating in the rat race, our own well-being often gets pushed to the side. Our priorities often tend to incline towards what is trending. This might be one reason for the increasing number of cases when it comes to mental health issues.

Even though mental health is largely being acknowledged like never before, we seldom take any initiative to improve our mental and emotional well-being. However, happiness, wellbeing, and longevity are necessary and each one of us deserves it. So, what do we do to reduce stress and other mentally draining effects many of us are dealing with?

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The most important step for us is to pay attention to the manner in which we feel, think, and act. Our actions are consequential in shaping our lives. Therefore, harboring positivity is essentially the key to wellbeing.

This can be associated with one of the popular socio-psychological theories called ‘boomerang effect’. The theory suggests that every cause tends to have its own set of effects and consequences, and every effect of any action has a reason behind it.

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That’s why it is important for us to channelize our emotions and feelings in a positive direction for our own good. We have to keep in mind that whatever we do, holds the potential to impact the consequences we may face in the future. One of the best ways to pave our own path of happiness is by being kind, positive, and generous to others.

How showing compassion can improve your mental health

Showing Compassion and Kindness

Did you ever notice that you feel relaxed and happy after doing a good deed? It is quite natural to feel a rush of motivation after helping someone, no matter how small the gesture may feel to you. One of the most popular expressions that many of us have come across is that it is better to give than to receive. showing compassion showing compassion showing compassion showing compassion

We don’t even realize it, but there is a sense of relaxation and self-worth associated with compassion and kindness.

Whether through thought or deed; there are many shreds of evidence suggesting a positive relationship between longevity, happiness, and compassion. Putting it in simple terms, every kind of deed we do for others has a boomerang effect contributing to our own happiness.

When we take time and energy to impact others positively, it not only impacts our self-esteem but also be a positive motivator who may be on the receiving end. They may turn around and help us, or someone else if a situation arises. Thus, by helping others, we may benefit ourselves as well as an entire chain of individuals.

Just imagine, how magnificent our society would be if we choose to do good to others. We can develop a culture that firmly believes in reciprocating good actions by supporting others. The symbiotic culture can be an efficient tool for strengthening shared relationships and establishing a stronger society.

However, helping someone in exchange for receiving help may not be enough. Going beyond the rule of reciprocity is also necessary. If we are considering true magnanimity, one important aspect is that we conduct positive actions despite the circumstances we are surrounded with. Returning actions that are much more than we receive can make any person feel more worthwhile and positive.

Most compassionate people are driven by the positive energy which is generated from what they do; they generally don’t take notice of what they get in return. Therefore, you have to let your actions feed off of themselves, without contemplating the outcomes of altruism.

Reflecting on your good deeds is more likely to motivate you to do good again, as compared to reflecting on situations in which you were helped by others.

There has been clear evidence stating that volunteering can have a significant positive impact on your blood pressure. Studies suggest that adults who volunteer for good actions are comparatively less likely to develop conditions like hypertension.

Thus, one positive outcome of good practice is that it reduces stress, which continues to be one of the major mental health factors plaguing society.

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Reduced stress and tension can also have an impact on mortality. Since there is an association of stress with reduced longevity; by addressing your stress, you may increase your life expectancy.

Nevertheless, the most positive outcome can arguably be the ‘helper’s high’ which we feel when our brain releases endorphins which makes us feel happy and content from the inside.

To conclude, the psychology of compassion and kindness clearly suggests that being good and helpful to others have a positive impact on our physical, as well as, mental health. Additionally, it also paves the path of establishing stronger relationships and culminates positive energy which can support us in our day-to-day lives and motivate us to spread happiness.

How Showing Compassion And Kindness Is Good For Your Mental Health
How Showing Compassion And Kindness Is Good For Your Mental Health

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