The Journey To Wellness Alphabet Guide

The Journey To Wellness Alphabet Guide

The Journey To Wellness Bold Alphabet Guide To Wellbeing!  

A – Anxiety is a normal human emotion. Remind yourself that it will pass & you are safe  

B – Breathe! Take time each day to check in with your breath take long, slow breaths deep down into Your belly  

C – Calming calm & soothe your body-mind with a cup of chamomile tea  

D – Distraction can be a useful tool to shift your focus away from unhelpful thoughts behaviors

E – Eat a balanced diet, rich in antioxidants exercise often  

F – Friends & family surround yourself with support prioritize healthy connections & relationships  

G – Ground yourself in the Present moment by tuning in to your senses your body & your breath  

H – Healthy habits create positive daily rituals of self-care  

I – Inner critic get to know yours learn to keep it check with self-compassion  

J – Journal write out your feelings, thoughts, fears, goals dreams to help you process them.  

K – Keep clear boundaries for yourself & others it’s okay to say no.  

L – Laugh. Find time for fun let your hair down keep it light find the humor in life  

M – Mindfulness. Observe your thoughts & emotions without judgment be present  

N – Name your emotions acknowledge them without judgment

O – Obstacles provide you a chance to look for opportunities & options for growth  

P – Plan prioritize & keep lists or schedules don’t overload yourself book-in downtime & self-care  

Q – Quiet. Give your mind & senses a break turn off tune out  

R – Rest! It’s okay to do nothing sometimes put your feet up, grab a cuppa & read a book  

S – Sleep it’s so important to get enough sleep each night prioritize a soothing wind-down routine Before bed  

T – Technology free time Spend time each day away from your screens, especially before bed  

U – Unique you are the best at being you try not to compare yourself with others  

V – Valerian can be a great natural way to help anxiety, stress & sleep  

W – Water make sure you are drinking enough water each day – not just in coffees!  

X – Examine your unhelpful thoughts & challenge them. Remember, not all thoughts are true!  

Y – Yoga tune in to your body notice where you feel tension honor this mind-body connection  

Z – Zero tolerance for things in your life that don’t honor your worthiness

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