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I’m Learning To Accept That

Im Learning To Accept That


• Everyone won’t grow with me.

• My past is my past, I can’t change it, but I can heal.

• Some people may always be miserable.

• Having to heal from the same thing more than once doesn’t make me a failure.

• I can’t save anyone from themselves.

• Everyone won’t like or honor my boundaries.

• I don’t have to be the “fixer.”

• Everyone doesn’t need or want my input.

• Some people will not like me no matter what I do or say.

• Time doesn’t heal all wounds or pain.

• Everyone isn’t ready to change and grow, and that’s OK.

• If I have to force it, it’s not for me.

• Taking care of myself has to be a priority.

• Loving people from a distance isn’t mean.

– Alex Elle

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