I Am Highly Sensitive

I Am Highly Sensitive

I am highly sensitive.

And that means I feel things so very deeply. I don’t forget easily and the pain lingers a little longer. I get overwhelmed easily and my environment affects me more than I want it to. I have to be mindful with what I watch and what I listen to. And that means I have to disconnect periodically. To check in with myself and ground myself when needed. My intuition is almost always on point. I understand energy. I know what’s left unsaid and what’s lingering underneath the surface. So when I switch up, it’s because I know what was said when I wasn’t around. I no longer let anyone use my sensitivity against me, it’s my gift. So I got more in tune with my sensitivity, and I fine tuned it. I now know why my sensitivity was too much for some, they were threatened by what they didn’t understand.

– @InnerButterfly�

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