Beyond Friendship: Queerplatonic Relationships – 6 Signs You Might Be in One!


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Queerplatonic Relationships? Six Clear Signs You're In One

The world of friendship, love, and romance can get quite puzzling, can’t it? We love categorizing things and understanding our emotions, so let’s take a look at queerplatonic relationships.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it before – chances are, you might have experienced it without even realizing!

So, what exactly is a queerplatonic relationship?

A queerplatonic relationship, also known as a QPR or QPP, is a unique type of committed intimate relationship that exists outside the boundaries of traditional romantic connections.

It differs from regular close friendships in that it involves a deeper level of commitment, validation, and structure, similar to that of a conventional romantic relationship.

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This kind of relationship is not a typical friendship, but it also doesn’t fit the conventional definition of a romantic partnership. It can be seen as a cozy and somewhat perplexing space that lies somewhere between friendship and a romantic relationship.

According to HuffPost the term “queerplatonic relationship” originated in the aromantic and asexual communities, mainly being used in these spaces during the 2010s.

It has since gained recognition and acceptance beyond these communities, allowing people to explore and define their relationships more accurately and authentically.

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Things You Should Know About Queerplatonic Relationships

queerplatonic relationship

1. Queerplatonic Relationship vs Romantic Relationship

A queerplatonic relationship (QPR) is an intimate and close bond that doesn’t involve romantic attraction, but often surpasses the boundaries of a conventional friendship. In a QPR, individuals may experience exclusivity and physical intimacy despite lacking romantic feelings for each other.

2. Queerplatonic Relationship vs Friendship

While QPRs can indeed be purely platonic, they can also incorporate sexual and intimate aspects if the individuals involved desire such experiences. The key element is that the people in the QPR define and establish their own set of rules and boundaries.

Six signs that may indicate you’re in a queerplatonic relationship:

  1. Emotional Intimacy: In a QPR, you and your queerplatonic partner experience a deep emotional bond that goes beyond traditional friendship. You share personal thoughts, feelings, and vulnerabilities, fostering a profound sense of connection and understanding.
  2. Explicit Commitment: Unlike regular friendships, a queerplatonic relationship often involves a more explicit commitment between the individuals involved. This commitment can be defined through open communication and shared expectations.
  3. Physical Intimacy: While a QPR lacks romantic attraction, it can still include physical intimacy, such as hugging, cuddling, or holding hands. These actions can be a way to express affection and closeness without romantic intentions.
  4. Exclusivity: You and your partner may choose to prioritize each other in your lives, leading to exclusivity in certain aspects of your relationship. This may involve spending significant time together or considering each other as primary partners.
  5. Shared Life Goals: In a queerplatonic relationship, you and your partner may align your life goals and make plans together for the future. This shared vision often reflects a level of commitment beyond that of a typical friendship.
  6. Breaking Societal Norms: A QPR challenges societal norms surrounding traditional romantic relationships and friendships. People involved in a QPR may define their connection in unconventional ways, focusing on emotional intimacy and commitment rather than romantic attraction.

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Remember, the beauty of a queerplatonic relationship lies in its uniqueness and the freedom to define the relationship according to your own preferences and needs.

If you resonate with these signs, you may be experiencing the joy and depth of a queerplatonic relationship! Embrace and cherish this special bond with your partner, and continue to communicate openly to nurture and grow your connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a queerplatonic relationship?

A queerplatonic relationship is a close, non-romantic bond that goes beyond friendship. It can involve deep emotional connection, commitment, and shared life activities.

What does queerplatonic love feel like?

Queerplatonic love feels like a strong emotional bond with someone, similar to a deep friendship, but with additional intensity, commitment, and non-romantic aspects.

What does a queerplatonic crush feel like?

A queerplatonic crush is characterized by intense feelings of attraction, emotional connection, and desire for closeness with someone, similar to a romantic crush, but without the romantic or sexual elements.

queerplatonic partner

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