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3 Questions That Can Help You Start The Process Of Self-Contemplation

3 Questions That Can Help You Start The Process Of Self-Contemplation

Why we should contemplate? Will we achieve anything by investing in the process of self-contemplation? Can we reach our life goals if we do self-contemplation?

All these questions can arise in our minds if we are asked to take some time out of our busy lives for self-contemplation. If we observe deeply, we will see that our generation has become concentrated on one point. We all are running in a race and are too much engrossed in reaching a certain point. This point can be money, promotion, popularity, love and so on. We are putting all our energy into reaching that point.

We are continuously using our energy but we are failing to harness it. People are only focusing on how to use energy. The harnessing of energy has lost importance in our lives.

Life runs depending on the balance between positive life energy and negative life energy. We are constantly investing in positive energy. As a result, the balance is getting disturbed and we are ending up with more negative energy.

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Negative energy pushes people towards isolation, stress, depression, etc. So, harnessing and proper use of positive life energy are necessary to protect us from depleting our life source. This is the point where self-contemplation is needed.

Process Of Self-Contemplation
Process Of Self-Contemplation

Self-contemplation helps in identifying the ways of gaining back positive energy. The problem is we do not give ourselves the time for that. The majority of us lack the ability to understanding the importance of self-contemplation.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival” – Aristotle

People these days are trying to survive instead of living their lives. The rat race we are in is using up all our positive energy and we are considering it useless to give some time to gain it back. Self-contemplation opens up the door and shows the way of living our lives. It is a process of reflection.  It is a continuous process of reflecting on our experiences and improving our next step towards a better life.

There are three questions we can ask ourselves for starting our process of self-contemplation.

1. How am I doing presently?

The answer to this question will clarify whether we are on the right path of life or not. We will usually get an instant answer from ourselves.

2. What are the things which will make sure that I am good to go?

This question is quite crucial, as it will decide how we are going to harness our positive life energy back. At this stage, we need to think deeply. We have to invest time in order to get huge benefits in return.

Humans must not cling on to things or activities which will give momentary positivity. Such short-term plans disturb the balance between positive and negative energy more. We have to go for bigger leaps and activities. Long-term plans will help in attaining more energy which will fuel our race towards a better living.

3. Are the things done by me draining me or illuminating me?

The third question is all about reflecting on the changes that are taking place. It is a kind of self-evaluation. If we feel illuminated instead of drained then we are definitely successful in increasing our positive energy reserve. Realization must be put into action for further refinement of the things we are doing.

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It has been righteously said by Meister Eckhart – “What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.”

Self-contemplation is the only solution for fighting away all our negativity and achieving the ultimate solution to living life instead of just surviving. Only we know ourselves better. The main problem is we are not investing in knowing us. We are investing more in materials.

People need to think about themselves first. Think about how to achieve long term positivity, not temporary happiness or pleasure. Temporary pleasure results in deviating us from the life path. Self-contemplation gives us the chance to recognize ourselves in different directions. We can drag us out from the depths of negativity and enlighten us with hope. We have to choose the right gust of wind with which we want to glide.

“By constant contemplation of excellence, we clear our selfhood of all dross and impurities” – Orison Swett Marden.

If you want to know more about the process of self-contemplation, then check out this video below:

3 Questions That Can Help You Start The Process Of Self-Contemplation
3 Questions That Can Help You Start The Process Of Self-Contemplation