5 Signs Your Relationship Will Last: Predicting A Lasting Relationship With The Help of Astrology


Five Signs Your Relationship Will Last That Are Often Ignored

Falling in love is such a heady mix of happiness and thrill, but will you go the long haul? Here are 5 signs your relationship will last for a long time (maybe forever?)

Every romance is a thrilling rush of sweet emotion — in the beginning. The blush of new love fills you with a sense of limitless possibility.

You walk around with your head in the clouds, a goofy grin on your face, and your heart on your sleeve. You can almost hear wedding bells ringing.

You might even start planning the names of your future children or envisioning the dream house you’ll share together someday!

You’re walking on air, and you can’t imagine this delicious feeling will ever end. But how — and when — can you tell if this relationship is destined to last? Is there a way to predict whether your connection is a passing infatuation or the real thing?

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Of course, nothing in life is certain. Every relationship is a dynamic entity that grows and changes along with the two people involved. But there are signs, even from the very first date, that point to how things will unfold.

If you pay attention and tap into your intuitive side, you can make a solid prediction regarding the future of your love.

When you meet someone new and significant, note your feelings, interactions, and reactions. These could become an important roadmap to true love.

Some signs that this may be just a temporary thing:

Here are the 5 signs a relationship will not last long:

1. Your honey ruffles your feathers — or actually offends you — on a regular basis.

2. During awkward silences, you find yourself watching the clock, staring at the door, or mulling over everything you have on your plate for tomorrow.

3. When you daydream about your sweetie, you focus more on superficial aspects — her curvy hips, his gorgeous lips — than on important character traits like kindness or honesty.

4. Either your date adores going on (and on) about himself, or he seems fascinated with you but reveals very little about himself or his background.

5. When you think of your sweetheart, words like “smoking hot,” “ambitious” or “complicated” come to mind.

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Some signs that you could be in this for the long haul: 5 signs your relationship will last

Here are the 5 signs a relationship will last a long time:

1. Your date seems genuinely interested in what makes you tick — and also in sharing himself with you.

2. You two met through a trusted mutual friend, or your romance blossomed from a long-standing friendship.

3. After the first date, you were thrilled when she called or texted to let you know she’d love to see you again.

4. The silences between you feel comfortable, not awkward.

5. When you think of your sweetheart, words like “gentle,” “funny,” or “best friend” come to mind.

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Some signs that your connection was fated:

Here are the 5 ​fated relationship signs​:

1. You feel as if you’ve known each other for a long time — perhaps in another life.

2. He understands you intuitively, without you having to explain your feelings or needs.

3. She’s there for you during a difficult or important milestone, such as losing your job or a death in the family.

4. He supports your long-term goals and hopes for the future.

5. She challenges you to become a better, truer version of yourself.

Written by Kelli Fox
From Theastrologer.com

So, those were the signs of a lasting relationship. Don’t get disheartened if you identify with the signs your relationship will not last forever; enjoy till it does, and who knows something better might just be around the corner.

Predict A Lasting Relationship With The Help of Astrology
5 Signs Your Relationship Will Last: Predicting A Lasting Relationship With The Help Of Astrology
signs your relationship will last
5 Signs Your Relationship Will Last: Predicting A Lasting Relationship With The Help Of Astrology

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