12 Spiritual Clichés and 12 New Age Quotes to Replace Them With


powerful spiritual quotes and their new age replacements!

Everything starts to lose some meaning when overused, and spiritual sayings, no matter how positive, are no exception. Some powerful spiritual quotes have been thrown around so often that they have become almost meaningless spiritual clichés. This is not to say they are false or wrong, just a wee bit overdone.

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The more popular or “overused” a certain spiritual saying becomes, the possibility of it being misunderstood and misapplied increases as well. So, today we’ll discuss 12 of the most powerful spiritual quotes that have become nothing but mere platitudes now. Don’t worry, we’ll also provide you with the new age sayings you can replace them with!

Powerful Spiritual Quotes and Their New Age Counterparts  

1. “Everything happens for a reason”  

Let’s start with the most basic one, “everything happens for a reason.” I know, it is far easier to look for a deeper meaning in what you might be going through. But is it logical? Well, in reality, this statement is nothing but an example of pathetic fallacy, i.e. assigning human feelings and objectives to inanimate nature.

Everything happens for a reason

The statement, “everything happens for a reason” will provide you with temporary comfort, but it might start spelling trouble when one gets a bit too fanatical about it. Thinking that everything happening to you is divinely orchestrated by God or the Universe for the sole purpose of showing you something might be a little too delusional. To add to it, the statement also creates the impression that our actions and decisions do not matter.

However, a better way to think would be, “Life unfolds in mysterious ways. Instead of looking for comfort in spiritual quotes, focus on embracing each experience as an opportunity to grow and learn.” Doesn’t this new age saying sound a whole lot better?

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2. “You get what you give”

You get what you give is another powerful spiritual quote that you have probably heard far too many times over the years. This one is closely related to the concept of karma – the belief that your actions dictate your future life, good or bad.

To be fair, it is empowering, even relieving, to think that there is a cosmic justice system that keeps all the receipts. It might even discourage some from making poor decisions and bad choices due to the fear of consequences. Or help some people to stick to their moral convictions rather than dwelling on the “injustices of life.”

Now, all of this sounds nice and good, but the problem arises when some people try to use this idea to judge others. “You get what you give” is only effective as long as it helps to stay in the right lane.

However, it also leads some people to have an “it serves you well”, and “it is your karma” type of attitude, which ironically, is opposite of what spirituality advocates. This can prove extremely detrimental, as it would just be promoting a culture of victim blaming and indifference.

And we sure do not want that. So, repeat after me, “Karma is a useful concept to understand our own lives and make better decisions, but, it should not be used to unfairly criticise others.”

3. “Just stay positive  

Before you start attacking me – there is nothing wrong with positivity. However, what is unwholesome about the concept of positivity is the underlying notion that negativity is “unspiritual”. When twisted like that, this powerful spiritual quote then starts promoting suppression of genuine emotions and struggles rather than healthy expression.

A nice alternative would be the new age saying, “practice resilience.” This statement acknowledges that highs and lows are a part and parcel of life, but you will spring back into shape by cultivating inner strength.

4. “Just let it go  

Letting go of a painful situation or detaching from an outcome is a necessary skill. It is helpful in releasing attachment to negative emotions, past grievances, and things beyond your control. But letting go should not be mixed up with giving up and not caring.

Before you decide to let it go, ask yourself this: “Have I done everything in my power to achieve the desired outcome? Or are such feelings coming from a place of fear of failure?” And once you are assured that you have in fact fulfilled your dharma (or duty), you can go ahead and let go of the unwanted feelings.

Please remember, “letting go does not equate to giving up. It should not be used to justify carelessness, laziness, and fear of failure.”

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5. “You are perfect the way you are 

You might have often heard this phrase to promote self-acceptance and self-love. Even spiritual traditions teach us that we are “perfect as we are” or, well, “perfect in our imperfections.”

Vedanta, for one, preaches “we are already the Self here and now.” While the intention behind this powerful spiritual quote is positive, it might also sometimes imply that there is no more room for growth and improvement. This could then lead to a sense of complacency or lack of motivation for any type of personal development.

Trust me, you do not want this stagnancy in life. So replace “perfect as you are” with the new age spiritual quote, “While I am worthy and valuable as I am, there is always room for self-improvement.”

6. “Go with the flow  

The idea of going with the flow, not having to waste energy fighting the wrong battles sounds nice, doesn’t it? But, do not misinterpret it as having no plans, no goals, or will to do anything. Yes, spirituality promotes acceptance, detachment, and contentment here and there. But this is not to say that you should not put effort into achieving your desires.

Therefore, instead of blindly going with the flow, try to be more intentional and mindful of your goals. “While it is beautiful to let life take its course, it is also beautiful to sometimes direct that flow to build the life you desire” should be your new go-to affirmation from now on. This new age saying will teach you to take ownership of your actions and choices instead of being swept along by external forces.

7. “Be grateful for what you have”  

Imagine your furry friend is paralysed after an accident and someone comes up to you and says, “be grateful for what you have.” Wouldn’t sound too nice, right? To my point, while it is great to count your blessings and express gratitude, it is also important that you do not invalidate your other emotions such as frustrations or sadness, especially when going through a tough time.

Therefore, it is important to acknowledge all your emotions, including those that might not align with gratitude. So, starting today, learn to “Acknowledge and honor all emotions.”

8. “Just have faith”  

You’ve probably heard this line a bazillion times by now. To be honest, even I am guilty of saying that to someone. But is faith enough? Sure, it does help you give a more positive outlook on your situation, but it does not change the fact that the ultimate result will depend on your actions.  

Rather than simply believing in a higher power to magically fix whatever you are going through, it is better that you take inspired action to bring the desired changes yourself. Instead of “just having faith,” try to “trust the process” and yourself.

9. “Everyone is you pushed out”

There is a popular belief that everything in this world is a reflection of you, both negative and positive. While it is true that we tend to dislike things in others what we dislike within ourselves, it is not necessarily applicable to everything.

Everything is you pushed out 

You might have heard the line “Well, if you think I’m so and so, it is because you are so and so yourself” being thrown around when you point to someone’s flaws. That’s not how it works, though. So, do not beat yourself up over disliking certain traits.

Instead, remind yourself: “Even if ‘everything is you pushed out’, it does not mean that all the problems I notice outside of me are also likely present in me.”

10. “You create your own reality”  

This one is highly controversial. A lot of law of attraction believers feel that our thoughts can influence the outcome of external events. In simpler terms, your thoughts and inner beliefs have the power to shape your reality. Again, there is nothing wrong with believing in this, until you start thinking that you can just believe and it will manifest.

To make your beliefs your reality, you also need to act on it. As I have reiterated again and again throughout the article, without action, your thoughts are just wishful thinking. Therefore, a wiser saying would be, “Do not just daydream, act on your desires!”

11. “Be nice”

Many spiritual traditions and religions teach the values of being nice. In Christianity, they advocate the “loving everyone unconditionally” and “turning the other cheek” principle. Meanwhile, Buddhism is renowned for its ideals of “ahimsa” or non-violence. And while this powerful spiritual quote is beneficial, you should beware of letting people take advantage of you.

Let’s say, someone is stuck in an abusive relationship, “be nice” is the last thing they need to hear. They have probably been “too nice” until now to have landed themselves in such a situation.

So instead of trying to be nice, try to “wish no harm, do no harm, and endure no harm” from here on.

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12. “Let your intuition guide you”  

I personally believe that our sixth sense is a really powerful tool that can be a useful guide to making certain decisions. However, it is also important to point out that it is not always the most reliable source of information. There might be many situations where it can mislead you. So, it is important to take your gut feeling with a grain of salt.

“To make the best use of your intuition, it is best to balance it with discernment.” This will encourage you to trust your inner guidance while also gathering more information and critically evaluating your options before making a decision.

Wrapping up  

Spiritual quotes are powerful sources of wisdom and motivation. However, we often overlook the dark side that comes with these quotes. In this article, we have discussed 12 such powerful spiritual quotes and their new age counterparts. Can you think of any other spiritual clichés? Let us know in the comments!

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