Phantasmata – Scary Story

Phantasmata Scary

Telling her parents that I brutally murdered their daughter in cold blood wasn’t easy. That too over the phone. But I felt relieved. I was so sleepy. I kept lying on my bed, as the cops barged in through the main door. Turns out the main door was locked. I chuckle. I need to stop hallucinating. I need to sleep.

As they cuffed me and took me away, something weird caught my eye. Dirt. There was dirt all across the floor. The carpet was soiled. No footprints. Just bits of dirt and dry mud. Scattered like a trail of breadcrumbs. My eyes rapidly grazed the dirt as the cops forced me out of the room. That’s when I saw it.

My eyes opened wide as I stared in disbelief. Her phone and the spare keys. Her dirt-laden phone and keys…hastily placed on my bedside table right behind my 3-year-old digital clock.

I laughed maniacally. I keep laughing all the way to prison as the cops stare at me like I am some mad man. 

But it doesn’t matter anymore.

I can finally sleep now.

Bzzzt! Bzzzzzt! Bzzzt Bzzzzzt!

I feel my phone vibrate.

Strange things can happen in the borderland of sleep. And Mr Miller had to find it out the hard way. The trippy realm between sleep and wakefulness can make us see and hear things that we might never imagine in our darkest dreams. However, at the threshold of consciousness, our awareness often opens up to dimensions that we can’t even comprehend. Mr Brian Miller is a simple man who has just found out what resides at the edge of the borderland of sleep. 

Hope you have some good sleep tonight.

Phantasmata - Scary Story
Phantasmata – Scary Story
Phantasmata Scary Story pin
Phantasmata – Scary Story
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