A Ghost Story (Fear)

A Ghost Story (Fear)
When I was a kid, I was told many times to behave and be a good girl or else, a monster will come and will eat me alive. My parents usually say those things whenever I act strange and impolite. It is as if they really meant what they’re saying. As a result, I certainly believed that somehow, ghosts really do exist.
My mind works best on making up exaggerated stories that are all delusional. I fear the thought of a monster hiding under my bed thus I never sleep without someone by my side. I can’t go alone in the dark for the fear that a ghost may appear in the middle of nowhere. I hate walking on the stairs at night, afraid that something might pull off my feet and make me fall. Such thoughts, it all sounds crazy but it really scares me! Yes, I dealt with my own ghost here!
As I grow older, I realize that we should not always believe what others intended us to believe. Some things aren’t meant to believe for and so as ghosts! We scare ourselves by creating fears on the things that we believe in. When we have fears, we tend to overthink and start to create stories that aren’t there in the first place.
Fear is such a scary word! It describes a destructive feeling, a deep and sudden emotion that lies in our brain. On the other side, fear sometimes saves us from doing something bad_the same reason why my parents let me fear the idea of ghost. However, if we talk about success, it’s actually a great barrier for it limits our capacity. It gives us doubts and negative thoughts! The fear of future, fear of failure and lost, fear of taking chances and fear of starting over again seems to be a lot worse than the monster beneath my bed!
It is true that we have to fight our fears in order to succeed. If we keep on living our life with fears, it will consume us. If we let our fears control our mind, then we will end up being miserable for it steals our happiness! And the worst thing that could happen is losing oneself in the existence of fear. We don’t want our fears to eat us alive, do we?
Certainly, what I’ve learned in life:
There is no such thing as ghost, only fear or should I say, THE GHOST ITSELF IS FEAR!
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