9 Signs You’re A Person Who Is Hard To Manipulate


Signs Person Hard Manipulate

Signs that say you are a person who is hard to manipulate for selfish motives of people.

It is a cruel world and looks can be deceiving. Smiling faces can hide the most devilish intentions. Many people in the world seek to progress in their lives by manipulating others to achieve their own ends.

While some might fall prey to such people more easily, it is crucial to have a look over your personality in order to find out whether you can be manipulated easily.

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Have a look at the following list to know if you are a person immune to their tricks and You’re a Person Who is Hard to Manipulate :

9 Signs You’re A Person Who Is Hard To Manipulate

1.You believe in action.

Passive people fall victims to the machinations of manipulators most often.

But if you are the person who prefers action to mere contemplation and you have a clear conception of your goals then it’ll be hard for other people to sidetrack you from your ambitions.

2. You fix your own priorities.

You keep your own priorities above everything else and that’s why it is extremely difficult for other people to influence you with their opinions.

Exercising full control over your life is what you do and this is also quite noticeable, that you might help other in times of need but you never obsess over other people’s affairs.

3. You set lines.

You set boundaries that determine how far a person can go.

Manipulators often like to see how far they can push others, but with you, it’s quite a different case altogether as you set consequences if you see that people cross the line. This would, in turn, make people venerate you.

A Lack Of Boundaries Invites A Lack Of Respect.

4.You demand respect.

You know that you deserve to be treated with respect and it doesn’t take much time for you to realize it when someone is mistreating you.

Setting high standards of conduct for other people, that’s your forte.

5. You confront bullies.

They are people who derive pleasure from bullying others and quite a lot of people fail to resist them. But with you, bullies don’t stand a chance.

Not only do you resist their influence you also overcome them. You look abusers in the eye and make them know that you are not the one who’d break.

6.You never blame yourself.

People with low self-respect and people who regret too much are more susceptible to fall prey to manipulators.

He Who Blames Others Has A Long Way To Go.

But you know that regret yields no results and it’s better to take responsibility at the right time to make it clear that you are not the one to meet up to others’ demands.

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7. You use the time to your own advantage.

It is extremely difficult to provoke you.

Rather, you take the time to attain leverage in the situation and try to dissociate from the influence from the person who’s instigating you.

8. You are expressive about your opinions

You aren’t afraid of clearly stating how you would want others to treat you. That’s why you are hard to manipulate.

It’s come naturally that you place your own priorities above everything else and know what and when to say to make these needs met. Communication is never an issue with you.

9. You aren’t afraid to refuse.

You are quite articulate about your opinions and you don’t bother if it doesn’t fit in with others. If you are not comfortable doing something, you don’t hesitate much to say a ‘no’.

You refuse to be affected by peer-pressure.

Are you hard to manipulate?

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9 Signs You’re a Person Who is Hard to Manipulate
9 Signs You’re a Person Who is Hard to Manipulate
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