5 Ways A Heartbreak Helps Us Create A Stronger Self

5 Ways A Heartbreak Helps Us Create A Stronger Self

Going through a heartbreak creates a stronger self, and anybody who has gotten their heart broken, even once in their lives will agree. 

These days love and emotions have almost lost their actual charm, thereby resulting in so many weak emotional and mental relationships. And then follows the heartbreak, which is real torture for those who took every moment as worthy and kept them as cherishable memories.

Attachment, habit, emotions, love, concern, expectation, and hope are some of the few demons that follow you with haunting questions, making the situation worse.

I gave my 100% then why did this happen to me?

Did I make the right decision? This question can haunt you every moment of every day. Romeo Juliet seems to be a sixteenth-century fiction that once probably lured you into a daydream about the knight in the shining armor. Nothing like that is remotely seen now. We wonder how successful love stories play out today. Does the word love exist in reality? Or is it mere infatuation that is lead by compromises to settle down?

The broken heart feeling can be categorized under one of the most negative vibes. Every session of counseling from friends seems to be the most ridiculous act, messing up your mind and thereby your life even more.

Studies conducted by the researcher Ty Tashiro show that heartbreak changes you as a person but how you get changed depends on the way you deal with it and overcome it. It makes a person way more open-minded and stronger.

Quickly you are able to transform your energies, from frustration, rage, grief (negative) to inspiration and motivation, (positive) and hence are one of those people who have experienced the dark as well as the brighter parts of love.

Heartbreaks are indeed necessary to build up into a stronger self.

5 Ways A Heartbreak Helps Us Create A Stronger Self

5 Ways Heartbreaks Creates A Stronger Self

1.  It helps you create a relationship with yourself, look within and intensify this bond.

Since this is the time when you want to be alone, it gives you the best opportunity to have a session of self-introspection and hence know your worth. It is painful to lose your favorite person but there is a universe that loves you beyond and unconditionally. Heartbreak helps you learn this lesson in life. The best person to love is oneself. For when you love yourself you look within and find new avenues that you passionately love, but could have ignored before due to your obsession with an individual.

2. It makes you self-reliant.

You become selective before trusting people. Blind trusting is out of the list. You learn to expect only from yourself because failed expectations hurt a lot. So it is in a way leading to a more mature person which is, a mature ‘You’.

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3. It helps you rediscover your passion in life.

As per some recent surveys, people usually become workaholics after their heartbreak. They become more focused and creative. It is an escape for them which ultimately gives good results. It has also been reported that people perform well under the influence of emotional trauma. We can call it the best way to bring out your hidden talent.

4. The darkest moments can be a blessing in disguise.

What matters is the outlook. ‘A half-filled, half-empty glass’ theory can justify the statement here. Heartbreaks are often known to change the outlook of the people.

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5. Signs of a strong in-built personality.

Last but not the least, it helps in the realization that you can only experience these low emotions because you felt so high at a moment in the past. You are capable of loving someone unconditionally. That showcases a strong in-built personality and a daring attitude that is worth appreciating.

Going through a heartbreak is one of the most painful things you can experience in your life. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Your heartbreak can help you turn in to a stronger person, but only if you let it. 

If you want to know more about how heartbreak creates a stronger self, watch this video below: 

Heartbreak Changes You Into A Stronger and Happier Person
5 Ways A Heartbreak Helps Us Create A Stronger Self

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  1. Avatar of Caraline George

    Stephanie Humble check this out ‘apparently people who go through painful break ups stronger/ happier’. I wish getting them to bugger off and leave your life alone was as easy as the breakup.

    1. Avatar of Simona Krmickova

      It is not automatic that people grow from breakups. Only those who are motivated to find answers and heal their wounds do. I used to have a terrible PTSD. One day it finally clicked that my partner only reflected to me what I believed deep down about myself. It cured any pain because I could not blame anyone anymore. I allow others how they treat me. That kind of healed everything. But it did not come by itself. I read lots of books on love addicts, codependency, healthy relationships etc. I wish a good luck to anyone who is currently on this path of a recovery. There is plenty of help out there.

    2. Avatar of Jessica Barclay

      Simona Krmickova not everyone who try’s the path you’ve tried, is able to alter things, no matter how hard they try. I’m glad for you. Deeply. Though not everyone is like you. They’re them. Your answer is not everyone else’s answer. (sadly) I used to feel like you. I’ve found this isn’t true for everyone else. Some people break and stay broken.

  2. Avatar of Richard White

    This stuff is just crap. Painful breakups can lead to complex post traumatic stress disorder, self esteem issues, major depressive episodes… These soundbites do not actually offer real solutions

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