6 Common Ways Parents Confuse Kids By Their Hypocritical Behavior

Ways Parents Confuse Kids Hypocritical Behavior

Growing up, a kid’s emotional world is bigger than the world they live in. They focus on the surroundings and we parents, unconsciously teach them many things that we didn’t mean to, we contradict ourselves. And because of this they feel confused as they cannot understand the difference between their parent’s world and the world that their parents are showing them. in some ways parents, hypocritical behavior confuses their kids and causes instability in them.

We are all born with the power to sense emotions in others. It might be a basic survival skill for humans and animals. This ability usually subsides in childhood as we learn to focus more on verbal cues than emotional ones. As for the kids, they are the biggest copycats in the world. They tend to mimic and pick up the activities their parents do.

For instance, be ready to answer when your kid catches you stealing some chocolate time for yourself when you yourself made the rule of only two candies in a week (well for your kids anyway). 

Parenting isn’t easy, hands down, and choosing parenting strategies is downright exhausting. We folks mean well, we know it. Their young, innocent, and totally vulnerable way of thinking is so easily influenced by whatever is going on around them, be it good or bad. Here communication is the key, but while the parent may have thought it was clear, the child did not. As a result, it might come as a mixed signal.

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Here we want to shed some light on the situations when parents confuse their kids by their Hypocritical Behavior

1, You can’t watch the TV, but I can.

Parents teach their kids to always tell the truth and to accept the consequences of their behavior. But sometimes they break this rule themselves. There is a screen time limit for your kid and that is completely alright until your kid catches you staring at your phone almost all day long. You are confusing the poor soul with this hypocritical behavior.

2. You need to eat all the vegetables 

One common notion is that expecting good behavior from your children when you haven’t exactly been a saint yourself. Parents want their kids to be in good health, but for that, they are compromising their kid’s taste buds. While it is an essential rule for your kids to take the fibers, you yourself have been removing the broccoli out of your pasta. Think mom, you are making it harder for your kid.

3. There is a big spider outside! Actually, there is not.

It’s actually understandable when you feel overwhelmed and try to get things done your way by simply scaring them. Also, it’s you who said some days back that the damn house is theirs’s so there’s no need to be scared because their folks will protect you. Get your head straight mom and dad. 

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