How Non-Attachment Empowers Love And Relationships


How Non-Attachment Empowers Love And Relationships?

Non-Attachment -Your Key To Eternal Bliss And Happiness

When you start practicing non-attachment in your intimate relationships, you will have found one of the pathways that leads to unconditional love.

Non-attachment and indifference are not the same thing. Non-attachment is just a state of being, and is, to some extent, important for a healthy functioning relationship.

Indifference means a lack of empathy and interest towards a relation or something in our life that deserves your attention. Non-attachment means not being prejudiced, not being dependent. With this state of mind, a person can look onto all sides of a situation or a relationship in a completely unbiased manner. One can achieve it when they develop the various aspects of human existence.

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We come across many wonderful things that may not stay with us throughout our lives. But, very few of us enjoy the moments while it lasts because we cannot accept the truth. Those who can, they spend that period with the greatest intensity and passion and express themselves in the best possible way. No one can call this indifference. Rather, it is non-attachment which lets you appreciate something good when it happens in your life, but spares you the pain when it ceases to exist. That’s how non-attachment empowers you.

How Non-Attachment Empowers Love And Relationships

Nothing Is Permanent Here

Most people will be quick to dismiss the idea. They might wonder—-How is it applicable to real-life relationships?

Life is not everlasting and it will come to an end one day. In the same manner, we are only capable of spending finite moments with whoever we love. Only, we don’t know for how long.

There are so many things that make human relationships unpredictable. The circumstances surrounding us, our changing emotions, and even the uncertainty of human life all attribute to the fate of our relationships. We cannot tell how long someone we love too dearly will stay in our life. This truth is ever-present even if we don’t want to accept it. Only when you think deeply, you will realize how ephemeral life is. And one who understands this attains the state of non-attachment.

Non-attachment empowers you! It doesn’t make you stone-cold, unfeeling, or hard. It only reveals how short-lived everything in life is and encourages you to value your relationships because you don’t know how long they would exist.

Both good and bad times will not overwhelm you because you will know they are not everlasting.

When you don’t experience happiness or sorrow, it does not mean you should live in the insecurity that everything in life would suddenly come to an end. On the contrary, it connects you with the only permanent truth that is pure love and awareness.

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Unconditional Love Finds Its Way

It may sound impossible but ‘non-attachment’ shows you the way to love unconditionally.

You can love someone unconditionally because you are no longer bothered about what you will get in return. This type of love directly flows from the heart and is bereft of limitations. Attached love is dependent on various things and when those things don’t exist or no longer appeals to the person-the love they felt so acutely also disappears.

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Attached love is inspired by these qualities and circumstances, and so it is expressed by saying ‘I love you because….’ This is not the same with distant love. Since it is pure love, one just says ‘I love you.’ It is not based on ‘conditions’ so there is no because attached to it. When someone is able to practice non-attachment truly, they best express themselves by saying ‘I love’ because in this stage one can feel the bliss and happiness of pure love emanating from their soul. Their love is way bigger and purer to be confined by a relationship.

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