Kim Has Big Plans For Daughter North West: A Bid For Amplified Fame


Kim Has Big Plans For Daughter North: 9 Years Old Victim

Kim has big plans for daughter North, as she is reportedly hatching a master plan to amplify the fame of her 9-year-old. 

While some perceive this as a strategic move to stay relevant and maintain wealth, critics argue that Kim’s actions border on narcissistic parenting, potentially jeopardizing her daughter’s well-being. 

As the public debates the ethics of this parenting approach, questions arise about the long-term effects on North’s childhood and self-image.

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Kim Has Big Plans For Daughter North West Sparking Rumors On Selfish Parenting

Kim Kardashian, known for her unwavering presence in the spotlight, has ambitious aspirations for her eldest daughter, North West. 

According to an insider report from InTouch Magazine, Kim has big plans for daughter North, seeking to leverage her child’s fame to sustain her own celebrity status. 

The pressure Kim inadvertently places on her young daughter is real, and while she genuinely believes she is helping her, the burden of expectations on North is substantial.

In a recent Instagram post, Kim shared images featuring herself and North dressed in head-to-toe Chanel couture. Accompanying the post, Kim captioned, “It’s North’s world, I’m just in it.”

These ostentatious displays of wealth and the obvious emphasis on North’s growing fame have sparked a heated debate among online communities that Kim was putting pressure on daughter North. 

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Many argue that North, at the tender age of 9, should be allowed to enjoy her childhood without the weight of her mother’s ambitions.

Critics claim that Kim Kardashian’s master plan to elevate North West’s fame aligns with the Kardashian rule book, where fame reigns supreme. 

If given the chance, Kim would reportedly have North already starring in her reality show, spearheading a clothing line, and establishing her own brand. 

While Kim’s intentions may seem ambitious, some find fault with the underlying motives, suggesting that Kim is using her daughter as a means to remain in the spotlight and sustain her relevance.

Furthermore, Kim Kardashian has drawn criticism in the past for using North’s presence on TikTok as a tool to bolster her own online following. Netizens say Kim Kardashian making North West famous with such action.

Additionally, Kim has taken steps to secure multiple trademarks in her children’s names, fueling accusations of narcissistic parenting

Kim has big plans for daughter North West but netizens call it a sign of narcissistic parenting

Critics argue that Kim’s focus on monetizing her children detracts from creating a safe and nurturing environment for them to explore their own identities.

The Newport Institute, an organization that specializes in mental health, defines narcissism as intense self-centeredness. 

They emphasize that narcissistic individuals often view their children as extensions of themselves, valuing them more for their achievements rather than their individuality. 

Consequently, children of narcissistic parents can struggle to develop healthy self-images, feeling overshadowed by their parents’ desires and aspirations.

The Kardashian family has built an empire predicated on fame for fame’s sake, and Kim appears determined to pass on this legacy to her daughter. However, the consequences of this approach are not without controversy. 

Kim has big plans for daughter North West but may be it her narcissistic mothers traits

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Critics argue that placing such enormous pressure on a young child to be famous and influential can hinder their emotional well-being and inhibit their ability to cultivate a genuine sense of self.

As Kim Kardashian actively molds her daughter North West into a budding celebrity, opinions diverge regarding the appropriateness of her parenting choices. 

While Kim sees her actions as paving the way for North’s success, critics denounce her as a narcissistic parent, exploiting her child for personal gain. 

The debate surrounding Kim’s master plan continues, raising questions about the potential long-term effects on North’s childhood and her ability to develop a healthy self-image amidst the shadow of her family’s fame.

Kim Kardashian Making North West Famous

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