Geezer Butler Depression Battle: Butler Made A Candid Revelation On Conquering Depression Alongside A Legendary Music Career



Shocking! Geezer Butler Depression Battle Candid Revelation

Even amid the glare of the spotlight and the heights of his successful music career, Black Sabbath’s iconic rocker openly discussed his past struggles with depression. Geezer Butler depression battle struggle also discusses the various coping mechanisms he employed to overcome it.

Geezer Butler Depression Battle Candid Revelation On Past Struggle With Depression

During an interview on NPR, Geezer Butler, the renowned Black Sabbath rocker, disclosed that his battle with depression was not a constant state, but instead marked by intermittent episodes.

He candidly shared how, in the past, discussing depression was often met with silence due to the prevailing stigma surrounding mental health, as people were afraid of the potential consequences, such as being involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

Butler recounted a poignant moment when he sought help for a particularly severe bout of depression. He visited a doctor who offered what seemed like a dismissive prescription: “Simply head to the pub, enjoy a couple of pints, or take your dog for a walk, and you’ll feel better,” was the advice offered.

However, Geezer was acutely aware that the solution wasn’t as straightforward as suggested. He found himself increasingly frustrated by the prevailing lack of comprehension surrounding his complex condition.

It wasn’t until the 1990s, while still living in St. Louis, that Geezer Butler received an official diagnosis of depression. This revelation came after he experienced a nervous breakdown and sought professional help.

During this consultation, he learned why people get depressed and that he had been battling depression all along.

Following his diagnosis, Geezer was prescribed Prozac, and after six weeks of treatment, he finally found relief from the grip of this mental illness.

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Just a few months prior, Geezer revealed to Uncut magazine that he resorted to self-harm as a way to find solace from his depression.

His inability to communicate his emotions with anyone due to the silence that shrouded the topic left him no choice but to turn to this coping mechanism. 

Geezer Butler depression battle and his treatment

Before his diagnosis, those around Butler often perceived him as someone who belonged to depressed people and recognized him as moody and miserable, despite his outward success and having what many would consider everything in the world.

While I appeared to others as consistently moody, it was during the throes of depression that I felt truly entrapped, unable to connect or share with those around me.

His struggle with depression was a hidden battle that overshadowed his ability to find joy or meaning in life during those dark and trying times.

Understand Why People Get Depressed Instead Of Judging Depressed People

During the NPR interview, Geezer Butler was confronted with the question of whether he carried any sense of shame due to his ongoing battle with depression.

In response, he expressed a heartfelt desire for others to recognize that his struggle with this mental health challenge wasn’t a continuous state, but rather something that occurred periodically. He wished for people to understand that his downcast moments didn’t define his entire existence.

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Prior to his official diagnosis and past battle with depression, those around him often misunderstood his demeanor, assuming it was merely moodiness that colored his interactions.

Yet, Geezer’s revelation underscores the truth that his struggles with depression were intricate and multidimensional, far beyond the surface impression.

It was during these moments of internal struggle that he found himself trapped, unable to extricate himself from the darkness or engage with others.

Thankfully, Geezer Butler depression battle narrative took a positive turn when he received a professional diagnosis. This marked a pivotal moment in his journey of past battle with depression, leading him toward recovery and liberation from the grip of depression.

Past battle with depression

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