Who Is The Most Stupid Here: Your Choice Will Reveal Your Personality

Who The Most Stupid Here

Who is the most stupid here?
Well, aren’t all of us curious about our own personality?
We really want to understand ourselves better.

So, here we bring to you a very, very easy test.

All you have to do is that you have to choose the guy whom you think of as the most stupid one out of all the four.

The Guy You Choose Will Say Something About Your Personality

Let’s see which one you choose…

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Who Is The Most Stupid Here: Your Choice Will Reveal Your Personality

So, here is something about your personality and character based on the boy you think is the stupidest.

Guy Number 1:

Well, if you think that number 1 is the most stupid guy in the picture, one thing is for sure, you surrender quite easily in life. Sometimes, you think of yourself as detached from the situation in your life and you feel powerless.

You also feel that there is nothing that you can do to sort out the chaos in your life so you just give up and you don’t even try to sort things out. This can also be because you are a simple kind-hearted person. You don’t like fighting or any other sort of ruckus. You like simple and easy things for yourself.

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Guy Number 2:

Your problem is that you act first and think later. You don’t see the situation in front of you; neither do you spend any time processing the situation, nor do you make any attempt to analyze and respond appropriately.

All you do is that you make the decision as quickly as possible. Now, this is obviously the reason behind most of the problems that you face. But, some people think you are levelheaded and strong; not that those people understand you too well, but they do have a ‘perception’.

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Guy Number 3:

Oh! You are a strong person with a very strong personality. You are a fighter by temperament and you always, always choose fight over flight in any situation. You are a person who looks out for solutions to the problems after comprehending the problems in greater detail. Also, your strategies are always all points. Perhaps, this is because you are so rational in your approach towards situations.

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Guy Number 4:

You are a rebel; who sometimes has a cause and sometimes doesn’t. Haha! This means that sometimes you rebel against things and you have some sort of rational mechanism that automatically makes you rebel.

But sometimes the sweet music of revolution makes you rebel without any cause and that makes you look more like a utopian idealist and not as a rational rebel or something. Your ‘revolutionary’ streak defines you.

So, which one did you choose?

Tell us about it in the comments section below.  

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Who Is The Most Stupid Here: The Guy You Choose Will Say Something About Your Personality
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Who Is The Most Stupid Here: Your Choice Will Reveal Your Personality


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88 thoughts on “Who Is The Most Stupid Here: Your Choice Will Reveal Your Personality”

  1. Avatar of Fred Reddington

    The individual who made up this so-called psychology “test” is the most stupid. He is invisible, but is standing under figures 1 & 2, looking up because he’s getting covered in sawdust. The cut limbs, along w/ the two EEDGITS will soon fall on him, giving him an irreparable skull fracture.

  2. Avatar of Dominique

    3, cuz he join ‘game’ to eleminate other people not like number 1 or 4 that doesn’t join the game. No. 1 not join, no. 4 just give up. No. 2 doesn’t know that someone want to eleminate him while he eleminate someone

    Sorry for my english

    1. Avatar of Halifax Shambuck

      This test right here is stupidity, this doesn’t tell our personality at all. Cos obviously number 4 is the most stupidest, everyone agree to this yet we can’t all have the same personality. So I say the person who made a text out of this is the stupidest of all.

  3. Avatar of Rushikesh

    I think you’re making fun of all people who are reading this statement.. because it is obvious that no. 4 is stupid here . And there’s no point in discussing this

  4. Avatar of Shenah Ray

    Guy number 1. He is all the way unprepaired and climbed that tree with 3 other people with saws. I would have asked for a demonstration of their intentions while asking how come i dont have a saw too. Now that hes up there with no saw hes just watching the guy cut him down when he could knock him down. The last one is too it just seems like hes separating himself from the drama.

  5. Avatar of Vaishali

    I think the no. 4 is most stupid person. But sir what is the correct ans and why? Please sir send me your reply. Thank you.

  6. Avatar of James “JR” Autin-Alfano

    The most stupid guy is the one who wrote this “quiz.” Let me get this straight, we’re supposed to decide which person is the most stupid, out of the 4, and that stupid person is supposed to represent us? What a load of horse s***! Or maybe we are the stupid ones for playing along and commenting.

  7. Avatar of June Feliz

    i chose guy no.4. and how did my choice make me a rebel? by my choice, i didn’t go against anything. that doesn’t make me a rebel. i chose him coz i am logical, coz i look at everything in the picture before i make a decision. and who in his right mind will cut a branch while he is seated on the side of it that will fall afterwards?
    and i don’t understand why you said that the person who chooses guy no.3 is rational. the question is who is the most stupid of the 4 guys. how did guy no.3 become stupid?
    and if you still insist that the person who chooses guy no.3 is rational, then i know now who is the most stupid of all…

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