The Most Emotionally Intelligent Zodiac Signs: RANKED From Most To Least

Emotionally Intelligent Zodiac Signs

What is the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign? Is that what you are searching on Google? Then you are at the right post! Here are zodiac signs ranked from most emotionally intelligent to least. Find out where do you stand. 

People with high emotional intelligence are in demand everywhere. Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, express, control, and evaluate your emotions as well as understand and respond to the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence also affects how you think and see the world.

A big part of emotional intelligence is dentify your emotion and express it appropriately whilst being aware of your environment.
The Most Emotionally Intelligent Zodiac Signs: RANKED From Most To Least

Understanding why your friend is frustrated or coworker is disappointed can help you take appropriate measures to solve the problem. When you are emotionally healthy, you can develop healthy relationships, attain work satisfaction and become successful and happier. So, emotional intelligence is an essential quality and even more important than IQ according to some psychologists. 

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Astrology influences our nature, personality traits, impulses, interests, etc. Do you want to know if you are born under the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign?

Here’s the list of most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs, ranked from the most to the least. 

1. Pisces

They are kind, generous, and driven by the power of intuition. They can process everything on a deeper and intense level. They can feel your pain even if they have not experienced a similar situation as your before. Those born under this most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign are very considerate of people’s feelings and emotions. So, they are always ready for help, reported Indiatimes.   

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2. Cancer

People born under this second most intelligent zodiac sign are sensitive and delicate, but thoughtful. They are deep thinkers so they analyze and examine everything with precision. They may appear like tough nut to crack but can easily be upset or disappointed. But, they are emotionally healthy because they can embrace their emotions, engage in self-care activities when nervous or anxious, and get back to the normal mode. 

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3. Libra 

They don’t take any step without critical thinking and deep analysis. They are well-balanced and careful while making decisions be it personal or professional life. They are a great observer and can read your body language very well. Without much talking, they can understand others’ needs and try to help them. This proves Libra is an emotionally intelligent zodiac sign. 

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4. Gemini

They are resilient, emotionally strong, and great communicators. At times they can’t control their emotions. Whether they are sad, angry, or happy, it reflects on their face. It is very tough for Geminis to hide their emotions, which leaves them vulnerable sometimes. One can comprehend their emotional intelligence by their linguistic and listening skills. They are the best go-to person if you need a shoulder to cry.

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5. Virgo

They are ambitious, detail-oriented, and hardworking! Their practical intelligence helps them solve their problems easily, according to Thetalko. But, if they ever fail to get desired results, they’ll engage in deep self-criticism. So, they are not on the top of emotionally intelligent zodiac signs. Having mental clarity, they will keep going till they meet their goals. Their emotional intelligence is higher than their self-judgemental nature. 

6. Scorpio

Scorpios live in a constant fear that people will take advantage of their vulnerability. Their emotional intelligence is visible in their efforts to take revenge on people who hurt them. So, they will use their emotions and wit for ghosting such people. They are not very emotionally healthy because they can’t let go of the past.  

7. Capricorn

They are logical and practical! They care for people and try to guide them in the best direction possible. They will lose patience and leave if you ignore their suggestions. You will not find them wasting time on emotions. So, they are on the missile of the emotional intelligence scale.

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